Every Little Helps …

Until October 2009, Tesco used to accept money off coupons for products you hadn’t purchased (as long as they actually stocked the item).  I was an avid coupon user, and saved around 40 to 50% , sometimes more, off my grocery bill every week for years.

However all good things come to an end, and these days you can only use a coupon in Tesco (and all the other supermarkets) if you purchase the actual product it’s for.

As an aside – has anyone seen the American TV show ‘Extreme Couponing’?  Well worth a watch if you happen to come across it – there are some seriously strange people out there – how can anybody imagine they’re ever going to use up 5,000 tubes of toothpaste in one lifetime?   Anyway, I digress.

I’ve recently started using coupons again, thanks to a very informative thread over on MSE, and made some great savings.  I spend five or ten minutes reading through the previous day’s posts on the thread each morning, and then print off the coupons I think I will use, check out prices using My Supermarket and add the items to my shopping list for my next trip to the supermarket.

The basic premise is that when a particular item is on special offer, and there is a coupon available for money off that product, it sometimes makes it extremely cheap to buy.

For example, while I was in Tesco this morning, I bought this Persil, which was reduced to half price £3.20.  With a coupon for £1 off, the price I paid was £2.20.

Then I got a couple of these Innocent veg pots (tasty, healthy and quick’n’easy lunches).  They were reduced to £1.89 – but with two coupons for £1.50 off, I only paid 39p!

Last week in Asda, I bought Colgate toothpaste and Plax mouthwash at a cost of only 25p each.

Tomorrow I’m popping into Sainsbury’s, where Sanex products are all half price currently, with a couple of 50p Sanex coupons.  I shall purchase two Sanex deodorants for 66 pence each, actual amount I’ll pay is 16 pence.

I only ever buy things that I’d be buying anyway, and I’m not interested in stockpiling hundreds or thousands of anything – bargain or not.  But I do enjoy making these little savings – they all add up!





12 thoughts on “Every Little Helps …

  1. Good for you – every little helps as they say. Look after the pennies etc. I keep meaning to use coupons more effectively than I do.
    I caught part of one programme about extreme couponing and, at the end of one woman’s huge shopping trip, she ended up paying nothing at all and had, I think, well over $1000 worth of goods in her trolley (or two). How she will ever get through all the goods she bought, I don’t know – there’s only so much washing detergent, toothpaste and tinned goods that one can use!

  2. I do like a bargain!! Im going to look at the website you suggested……..everybody could do with saving money at the moment, with everything increasing in price!!
    Thanks for that info!

  3. I’ve watched Extreme Couponing about twice, and I think those people are seriously crazy…please don’t lump this American in with them! 🙂 That program is kind of like the one called Hoarding: Buried Alive…I find them both somewhat scary.

  4. Well done for being so organised. The shopping bill is ever increasing. That’s why we have invested in a lrger freezer and more food storage space. But more of the things we use when on offer, save money and hopefully make less shopping trips too.
    Lisa x

  5. I’m
    American and also don’t want you to think that all Americans are crazy like the extreme coupon people. I watched the show a couple of times and I kept thinking that canned goods have expiration dates on them so how will they use up those canned goods before the expiration date? I don’t get it. Also, the hoarding show is so scary. After I watch it, I get the cleaning products out and scrub everything in my house. Especially bad are the animal hoarders (one guy had 1000 pet rats!). In his house! Ugh. Your couponing is fab Wish you the best.

    • Hi Arlene – thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. Perhaps my wording wasn’t great – I was only referring to the people in that particular show as weird, not the entirety of the USA! Certainly didn’t mean to cause offence, anyway :-)) 1,000 pet rats? Ewwwww!!

  6. Oh how I laughed. Not at you – just at the idea. Have yet to see ‘Extreme Couponing’ here. Guess it is A&E – that is the channel that shows ‘Hoarders.’ Look up A&E tv and you’ll maybe get to see episodes – good to watch as then your house feels spotless no matter what a mess it is (that is how I feel anyhow).

    Most stores here stricter with coupons. I often get stood behind people who only bring out a wad of coupons at the time to pay…and then haggle if a coupon is a day out or whatever. There are also special coupon purses sold here – and you segment your coupons…. laundry detergent, canned goods etc.

    Well done you for saving though.
    I am as bad with coupons as I am with reusable shopping bags – always have them but very rarely with me!

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