Frock It!

I get great feedback on my Frock It posts – so glad you all enjoy them – and as I haven’t done one for a couple of weeks, thought, I’d better pull my finger out and get one done before I go off on my hols.

So, what’s been happening in the world of celebrity fashion recently?

First up, we have Geri Halliwell attending some charity event, but looking as though she’s auditioning for Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.  Not her best look ever.

Another lady in white recently was Beyonce …

Now I actually really like this dress from the thighs downwards, but the top two thirds somehow look like a sack to me.  I’ll let her off, though, bearing in mind it’s possibly deliberately cut to disguise her pregnancy.

Next, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men …

I didn’t want so much to comment on her dress sense as to sympathise with her poor feet – that must be the most ill-fitting pair of shoes ever!

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were out and about a couple of weeks ago, and Kate wore this beige dress …

I don’t really want to say it, but is it just me or is anybody else finding Kate’s outfits just a little bit samey and boring?  Sorry, Kate.

Moving on, poor old Demi Moore’s been having a bit of a time of it lately.  Ah well, it was bound to happen, wasn’t it?

Once again, this is not actually about her outfit, but this time to comment on HOW THIN THIS WOMAN IS!!  Seriously, she looks as if she’d snap if you bent her in half!

Back to the fashion, and I thought Kirsten Dunst looked fabulously elegant in this white dress …

Accessorised with a blingy clutch and a narrow belt with a gold clasp – nine out of ten.  Would have been ten if she’d done something a bit more chic with her hair.

Kim Kardashian was out and about in New York, showing us all how NOT to do smart casual …

… and Liz Hurley showed us how to do it properly …

I am not a fan of the skinny jean – so few people actually look nice in them – but Liz is absolutely rocking them here.

I don’t normally like SJP’s style, but I did like this outfit she wore recently …

I’m liking her more since I enjoyed her performance in I Don’t Know How She Does It so much.

And I’ll leave you this week with this question – who wore it best when Pippa Middleton and Geri Halliwell both turned up to the same event in very similar red dresses?

My money’s on Geri.


15 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. KD looks very Princess Grace in that frock.
    I think Geri looks better too.
    Though the white dress is a bit Disney princess.
    Lisa x

  2. Thanks Caroline for this. I must say I don´t really like any of the dresses except Geri´s wedding dress which is beautiful but wrong occasion. Kim whatshername looks like she would be better off down Plymouth´s Union Street though. I agree with you about Demi Moore. That is actually quite frightening how thin she is. That must be what a young toyboy does for you trying to keep “young” for him.

  3. The other thing I meant to say was “feet”. You can disguise many things but hands and feet no. There was a photo of Kate Moss this week who did look lovely but her legs were just thin with terribly boney knees.

  4. Oh I LOVE these posts!
    OK I am going to say maybe what others have thought re Christina Hendrick’s feet in those shoes: Pigs Trotters.
    Like Liz’s skinny jeans look. Kim K – not so much…
    And I read yrs ago, no doubt in some highbrow paper (you know me) how Demi Moore had had a rib or 2 removed to look skinnier….she is looking very too skinny here though.
    Think Kate may be playing it safe so press loos interest in her fashion sense (as if).
    The dress looked worse on Pippa because of the shiny material IMO but the whole non supported boobs rib cage showing is not a look I favour.
    Thank goodness we don’t have to post what we’re wearing as we type our comments!!!!

  5. Kate’s style is very risk-free, and therefore boring to watch. Geri’s white dress is fine up top but the frou-frou at the bottom is far too OTT. She looks fab in the red dress though.
    Love the frock it posts!

  6. I am loving Liz Hurleys quilted bag. hmm liking that.

    And K K . I just dont get any of the Kardashians. Other than their step Father being an athelete, what are they famous for? *shrug*

    Adore KD’s dress. If I were to get married I really think that would be an amazing dress compared to all the OTT dresses I have seen in the wedding shops as I have walked by. Although I did sport a similar number in a school nativity. But then I also was a tea cosy on my head with a brooch, as I played the Queen Mum in the school re-enactment (spelling?) of Charles and Dianas wedding aged 4. I even had my nans hand bag and carried all day ala Tinky Winky. I am creasing up thinking about that.

    commenting whilst in my “I love nerds” PJ’s from Primark!

  7. Demi’s photo looks like somebody photoshopped her head and shoulders on a too-small body…weird.

    Christina Hendrick’s shoes…yech. I don’t go for showing toe cleavage. It always reminds me of a plumber who bends over and flashes a little butt crack.

  8. Hi – we’ve been paired up in Lakota’s Christmas Charity Shop Swap – I can’t find a contact button on here so hope you see this message. Could you email me via the button on my profile so we can discuss likes/dislikes etc etc. Thanks Vicki xx

  9. Loving Kirsten Dunst’s whole look, very understated and chic. OMG, how much like a head on a stick does Demi Moore look? For goodness sake, woman, eat something. I do like SJP’s outfit too – though I tend to think she looks good in most things she wears. Christina Hendrick’s feet in those shoes look just a tad Miss Piggy to me – bet she was glad when she got home and could take those shoes off!

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