Sunday Car Booty

This morning’s car boot sale was somewhat marred by an unpleasant and unforecast downpour, but luckily I’d nearly finished shopping by the time it started.

I was a little bit distracted this morning, thinking more about packing and holidays than bargain-hunting, but I still picked up some good stuff.

Antler travel bag, £2

Bronx shoes £1, Russell & Bromley gents shoes £1, Next gift set 50p

Tie dye style skirt, which I will be packing as soon as it’s finished being washed and dried today, perfect for wafting about the beach in the Maldives!  £1.

Various Miller Harris & Aveda miniatures £1.40, Tigi hair conditioner 50p

Per Una slippers, brand new with tags £1, Timberland kids’ boots £1

Simple eye make up remover, Calvin Klein body lotion and Boots No 7 eye shadow set – 20p each.  Suzy Smith purse, brand new with tags £1.50.

Next wedges (new) £1, Primark gladiators (new) 50p, M&S stripey heels (new – and too narrow for my hooves, sadly) £2.50.

Grey top £1 for me, Top Man check shirt for Will £1 (ideal as he really needed another short sleeve shirt for holiday, and the one I bought off eBay last week hasn’t arrived yet!)

Right, that’s your lot for today.  I shall be back tomorrow before I go, hopefully.  Happy Sunday x


One thought on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Wow you did really well. Do shoes sell well on Ebay? I love the tie dye skirt. How is the packing going btw? i am excited for you. For the trip itself, not the packing!!

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