Different Strokes for Different Folks

There were a lot of Japanese, Chinese and South Korean honeymoon couples at our island resort, and as fellow tourists they were a joy to holiday with.  They’re not big into sunbathing – even to the extent that when the sun is out they walk around with umbrellas – so they didn’t hog all the sunbeds.  They are very quiet and didn’t seem to be big drinkers, so weren’t keeping us up all night with noisy parties and obnoxious antics – another plus.

We were endlessly fascinated, however, by some of their fashion choices.  Matching couples outfits are a big thing – this isn’t one of the best we saw, but is the only one I managed to get a snap of:

The majority were far more in-yer-face – here’s an example I found via a Google Image search:

It’s actually quite a cute idea, and some of them looked really sweet, once we’d got used to the concept – but I don’t think it’ll be catching on over here any time soon!

The other thing they ALL loved to do was take photographs – yes, I know it’s a cliche, the whole Japanese tourist /camera thing – but it’s absolutely true.  Each couple seemed to have a minimum of half a dozen cameras between them, and they set up tripods and all sorts, all over the place, while they had full-on modelling style ‘shoots’ – complete with frequent breaks for a change of accessories or sometimes a full outfit change.

Fascinating.  And even more so because they did all this without a single bit of self-consciousness or embarrassment.

I mean, if you were standing on a beach, posing with your neck arched backward, twirling an umbrella around your head and standing on one leg, you’d feel a bit of a pillock if somebody noticed you, wouldn’t you?  But they didn’t.  At all.  Which was actually kind of cute as well.

My very favourite of the whole holiday, though, was the lady who arrived at breakfast wearing such a hugely oversized opaque sun visor, that Ashley remarked that perhaps she was off to do a bit of welding.


10 thoughts on “Different Strokes for Different Folks

  1. How amusing. Can’t see P and I wearing matchy matchy outfits any time soon, although we have been known to colour-coordinate on occasion – purely by chance I must add.

    Thank you so much for the postcard – and I’m delighted to hear the kaftan got plenty of wear, and some admiring comments. Your photos are wonderful and the Maldives look like heaven on earth. I’m even more ‘well jel’ now!!

  2. glad you had a great time. I never tire of watching peeps when in London. they do mad poses. and the Japanese girls dressed like manga comic book characters! Excellent

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