Frock It – The ‘Less Is Sometimes More’ Edition

No Sunday Car Booty today, I’m afraid – because I am on a flying visit to London for the day, for a very exciting reason – more of which tomorrow.

There have been some frocky horrors in Celeb-Land the last couple of weeks, and I’ve pulled together a few of my favourites to show you today.

First of all, I owe ‘our Kate’ a bit of an apology, after accusing her of being a bit boring fashion-wise recently.  Look at these two fabulous evening dresses she’s worn recently …

Lovely, Kate.

Now onto some ladies who would do well to remember than less is sometimes more when it comes to fashion.  First up, Colleen Rooney attending her husband’s birthday celebrations earlier this week …

The dress and the shoes, Colleen, I can deal with, but the addition of those revolting earrings make you look as though you’re off to a fancy dress do as a tarty barmaid.

Holly Valance was out and about with her squillionaire boyfriend (whose name escapes me currently)

Holly, did you REALLY need to wear those vertiginous heels and tower over him like that?  Most ridiculous photograph of the week for me.  Don’t like your leather dress, either.

Moving on, Nicole Sherzinger appeared recently in this startling ensemble …

Patterned dress, OK.  Patterned shoes, not my favourite, but whatever rocks your boat.  But together?   Wrong, wrong, wrong.

There were a couple of well known ladies attending the Melbourne Races this week …

I do think Liz H could learn a valuable ‘less is more’ lesson from SJP in this instance – what on EARTH is that creation on her head?  Whereas SJP’s updo and embellishment looks classy and age-appropriate.  (SJP could do with putting on a bit of weight though – she’s looking a bit haggard and bony at the moment).

Sometimes, of course, the opposite rule applies, and more WOULD be better than less – a perfect example of which was shown to us by Jaime Winstone attending Elton’s Grey Goose Ball recently …

Yuk.  That’s all I have to say on that subject.

I must mention Stacey Keibler, George Clooney’s latest squeeze, who’s been doing the red carpet rounds with George to promote his latest film …

I thought she looked beautiful in this dress – unusual colour choice, but it really suits her.

Horror of the week has to be Ruby Wax, also attending Elton’s party …

The top half isn’t too bad, but what on EARTH is going on with the bottom half – it looks like a rucked up dustbin bag?  Most odd.

And I’ll leave you with a ‘who wore it best’

Kim Kardashian and Georgia May Jagger, both in a black and white Yves Saint Laurent evening dress.

I think it’s Georgia for me – although Kim would have scored higher had she not added those heavy earrings.





7 thoughts on “Frock It – The ‘Less Is Sometimes More’ Edition

  1. Who really could think it’s a good idea to go out wearing a sheer wisp of fabric over your pants?!
    Love Kate’s dresses though.
    Lisa x

  2. How I have missed you Frock It! Welcome back. So many horrors – what is it with these celebs all the money in the world can´t buy taste or class. First I must comment on Colleen Rooney´s outfit which when compared to some of the others might even be called “classy”. Now I know it isn´t but compared to Jamie Winstone, it is! As for her earrings – come to fiesta time here in Andalucia and all the women including myself wear them with the classic Sevillana dress. So I can´t be too hard on her. The best dress is that beautiful mauve number. She looks lovely – could I borrow George for the afternoon, Stace! Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Nooooooooo. I can´t agree with you on SJP. I think the hair looks ghastly a bit like Elsie Tanner in Corrie, but, agree with you about the “too thin and haggard” look. What is it with shoes these days, they are all so ugly.

  3. I don’t care how good your legs are, there comes a time to stop dressing like a twenty year old.

    As I scrolled down, each one seemed worse than the one before! Ruby Wax made me laugh outright. Looks to me like she should be trailing toilet paper. (I had to Google her, as I didn’t know who she was…embarrassed to find she was an American.)

    Had to Google Jaime Winstone too. What?! She’s only 26? Holy crap, that fabric made her body look MUCH older to me…or maybe it was the granny panties.

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