Frock It

There hasn’t been an awful lot of fab fashion that’s caught my eye recently, perhaps the celebs are having a quiet few weeks before the hectic run up to Christmas.

We’ll start with Rachel Zoe, whose dress at a recent US awards ceremony was lovely.

I have to admit to not being entirely sure who Rachel Zoe is or what she does, but this is probably my favourite dress of the last week or so (despite the fact it blends perfectly with the carpet!).

Not doing so well in the style stakes this week was Nicole Kidman

For me, Nicole veers from looking absolutely stunning to bloody awful, and back again, with startling regularity.  I don’t think the poker straight hair does her any favours at all, particularly as she gets older, and that dress is just horrid.

Moving on, Kate Beckinsale looked gorgeous on the red grey carpet in this simple white dress …

I’ve liked a lot of Kate B’s fashion choices recently, and I think white really suits her.

Uma Thurman wasn’t really rocking the monochrome look she chose for the same event …

Not sure what’s going on with that skirt, but it looks to be several sizes too large to me.  Not to mention far too long.

Jane Seymour isn’t a celeb we see an awful lot of these days, but she popped up recently wearing this ensemble …

Jane is looking pretty good for somebody of 60, and I love the dress and shoes – but what on earth is that biker jacket doing on top of the whole ensemble?  It immediately makes me think ‘trying too hard’ and ‘mutton’.  Sorry, Jane.

The great and the good of Britain were out on Sunday morrning for Remembrance Day, honouring our fallen troops and dressed, as is traditional, in black.

Let’s take a look at some of the Royal headgear …

I thought Camilla’s hat was lovely (not least because I used to have one not dissimilar …), Kate’s was a bit odd, and Sophie’s was more suited to a wedding or a day at the races.

Sam Cam was looking smart in a dress and coat combo ….

… but appears not to be wearing any hosiery (inappropriate at such an event), and has made the classic British mistake of wearing her hat perched too far back of her head.

Cherie Blair, meanwhile, just looked like a mad bag lady …

No change there, then.

Lastly, this week, I wanted to just mention two ladies whose weight has fluctuated recently – firstly, the inimitable Mrs Beckham, who once again has been out and about with baby Harper this week, in a dress from her own latest collection …

Victoria seems to have a few more curves than is normal for her at the moment, and doesn’t she look so much better for it?  Now she just needs to smile a bit more …

And Martine McCutcheon, who was pictured attending the recent ‘Spectacle Wearers of the Year’ event (who knew such a thing even existed?  and more importantly, WHY?)

Martine’s has long been a girl whose weight has yo-yo’ed a bit, but she always looks beautifully groomed and very smiley.  Unfortunately, this dress seems to be pushing her chest up to the extent that it’s almost touching her ears!  I do like the leopard print, though.

What do you think of this week’s choices, then?  Let me know.


11 thoughts on “Frock It

  1. Hi, I agreed with you on everything but I do think that Victoria Beckham looks rather thin to me. Check out her arms and she’s got a really flat stomach too. I love the white dress on Kate Beckinsale but that dress on Nicole Kidman is really awful IMO. Love your blog by the way. I’m from Northeast US.

  2. Love these posts! Martine’s dress was so unflattering. Makes her look larger than she probably is. On the subject of VB, I am getting so tired of seeing her carrying Harper everywhere. Is she too cool for a pushchair? I’m sure it’s a bit dangerous with the skyscraper heels VB always wears.

  3. First Martina (I have to work backwards as my memory fails me by the time I get to the end who I had started with!) lovely, lovely smile but I think the dress is hideous. Too much going on. She has gorgeous curves and would look so much better in a black or red fitted number, aka Marilyn Monroe.

    Now I am no fan of Victoria but I do think she looks lovely in this number could do with pinching a bit of flesh from Martina though but as for baby Harper (it is Harper, isn´t it?) what a cutie I could eat her up but not literally as it would mean putting on a bit of weight.

    Sam Cam´s coat reminds me of an old school coat I wore at primary school. There is nothing smart or sophisticated about it. Cherie Blair´s hat again looks like a teapot cover and the Royals are okay but nothing particularly stylish. Did anyone see Kate´s stunning red hat on her visit to Canada? It was shaped like a red maple leaf. Beautiful.

    Re Jane Seymour – I must remember this look next time I wear my biker jacket when I get it back from my daughter!

    Nicole Kidman´s dress is 2/10 and I agree about her hair but after seeing Rabbithole last night I can forgive her.

    Who is Rachel Zoe? I know a Zoe and a Rachel but not Rachel Zoe!

  4. I think Sam Cam looks very smart in her coat and dress ensemble, although I do see what you mean about the lack of hosiery and the hat on the back of her head (I hadn’t even noticed she was wearing a hat until you mentioned it.) Martine McCutcheon looks awful in that dress IMHO, too much of the Bet Lynch about it as far as I’m concerned. Victoria Beckham is looking just a shade less like a head-on-a-stick these days but she could still do to put some flesh on those bones – baby Harper is just gorgeous though.

  5. Hi Caroline,
    No I don’t have a blog but I enjoy reading others’. You always make me smile and in some cases, laugh out loud especially when you are critiquing the many outfits celebs/royals wear. I especially laughed about Cherie Blair’s hat. I also enjoy your “to do” lists. I should make one myself but would be afraid I’d never do a single thing on the list!

  6. Rachel Zoe is stylist extraordinaire to the stars (her current clients are Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Molly Sims, Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler. She dressed Anne in five or six different looks when she presented the Oscars this year). She is most well known for starting that whole 70s California cool vibe on the red carpet a few years back – all long perfectly primped long hair, elegant maxi dresses, stacked platforms and huge sunglasses, debuted mainly on young Hollywood gals such as Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton. Her reality show (The Rachel Zoe Project) is eye candy for the best haute couture and fashion shows the world over. If you love fashion, be sure to check it out. Love the blog! x

  7. I agree with all your thoughts on the dresses this week. As for the Royal hats – Sophie’s looks as though she is using it to block out the people on her right!

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