Pan Am – Favourite Things on a Friday

I’m linking up this week with Favourite Things on a Friday over at Mimi & Tilly, a lovely blog which you should go and have a look at if you don’t know it already.

Did anybody else watch Pan Am on Wednesday evening?  I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but I absolutely LOVED it – it really did take you back to the glamorous days of air travel, when it wasn’t all budget airlines, plastic cutlery and passengers wearing nylon football shirts *shudder*.  And when every girl wanted to be an air stewardess.

I was disappointed to read that Pan Am is not doing well in the ratings in the USA, after high hopes it was going to be the new Mad Men – I do hope they don’t cancel it.

Purely by coincidence, this week I’ve been reading this book (not nearly as racy as the cover would have you believe, as it was written in 1967!)

All about the trials, tribulations, fun and frolics of two girls ‘flying the line’ in the 60s.  Great fun.

I had aspirations of being an air hostess (well, I had aspirations to travel, but wasn’t really the backpacking type!) back in the late 80s, and I got as far as an interview with British Airways longhaul.  We were interviewed in large groups, and the first things we were asked to do was stand up and talk about ourselves to the group for three minutes.

I was already intimidated by the competition – almost all sophisticated girls in their mid to late 20s groomed to within an inch of their lives (I was only 20, and certainly not what anybody might describe as ‘groomed’), and I absolutely froze.  Couldn’t get a word out and wanted the floor to swallow me up.  Not my finest moment.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.  But as they say, everything happens for a reason, and I went on to travel the world by way of P&O Cruises, as an Assistant Purser, for 4 ½ very happy years.  (I didn’t have to serve a single drink or meal, either!)

And I even got to wear a uniform with a hat!





10 thoughts on “Pan Am – Favourite Things on a Friday

  1. That’s a fab photo. Do you still have the uniform? It’d make a brilliant fancy dress outfit!
    Wasn’t Pan Am fun? I was expecting it to be pap but loved the spy thread and of course the pretty girls and lovely dresses.
    Liking the sound of that book. x

  2. Fantastic! I harboured dreams of being an air stewardess when I was a child. Instead, I went to teach in Japan and flew all over the world to satisfy my wanderlust! Thanks for joining in with FTOF, I’ve really enjoyed your post and love the photo of you. You look fantastic in your uniform! Em x

  3. love the hat. and the smile!! never ever wanted to be an air hostess I must say. and if I try and remember what it was I wanted to be when I was little, all I can really remember is ‘a fairy’ or I do remember writing a newspaper and being the queen and president of an imaginary country. I think I might have wanted to have written the Wombles. But I guess it was already written. Or maybe I wanted to live like Laura Ingalls Wilder. OR be in ABBA.

  4. I have all the episodes of Pan Am recorded but haven’t watched them as of yet. It started out very well over here but true as you say, they are talking of canceling it so it can’t be getting good figures.
    I too wanted to be an air hostess. I looked into Lufthansa but came way short (no pun intended) of their height requirement. I remember having a conversation with them about it – to do with safety and reaching the overhead bins etc.
    Now whenever I am on a plane and see a short stewardess asking a male passenger to close the cupboard it still irks me!
    I remember the pay seemed a bit naff but it was more the travel opportunities that tempted me!

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