It’s been a frankly horrible 24 hours, which have included, amongst other things, my father being rushed into hospital by ambulance late last night; Ashley misjudging our driveway (WTF?  We’ve lived here 6 years!) and causing several hundred pounds’ worth of damage to the side of his car; a painful steam burn to my hand from the oven; and several extremely offensive messages from an unhappy eBay buyer.

So it was lovely when William came home with this from school today.

God, I really hope the next 24 hours are a bit more pleasant.


13 thoughts on “Monday

  1. So sorry to hear all your troubles. Why do they always come at once? I do hope your father is okay. A car can be repaired but a parent cannot be replaced.

  2. Bless you! Sounds awful!! Why is life such an emotional rollercoaster – I just don’t get it!!
    I hope you are on the way up again really soon!!

  3. Glad you had at least one good thing happen in the day…nice to hear good things about our kids. Sending good thoughts for you and yours. Hope your father is doing well.

  4. Poor you! Hope you have a run of good luck following William’s achievement. Here’s something to make you smile – a blog award for you, over at my blog.

  5. I’m really sorry to read about your dad Caroline. I do hope he’s ok.
    Many congrats to William for his hard work at school.
    Lisa x

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