Frock It

What with all the misery of winter, recession, strikes, the Eurozone crisis etc etc, I thought I’d brighten up my mood with some pretty pictures of nice (and not so nice, of course!) celebrity fashion.

First up today, I thought Leona Lewis looked stunning in this evening dress recently …

But I’m not sure about the current trend for your dress dragging on the floor – I’ve seen a lot of this lately – I mean, it’s clearly too long for her, isn’t it?  Weird.

I was interested to see Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a short blue version of the Nicole Kidman dress I wrote about in my last Frock It post, designed by Stella McCartney.

Although I prefer it both shorter and in blue, I’m still not a fan of this design – and I don’t think the black accessories go with it very well either, Gwyneth.

Moving on, Kylie has been out and about, launching (another) new perfume.

Is it me, or is Kylie looking a bit stretched and face-lifty of late?  I’ve always been a big fan of Kylie (she’s just so NICE, isn’t she?), but I do think she might be overdoing the Botox and fillers a bit.  Not keen on the brown hair, either.  Pretty dress, though – love the colour.

Next up, Natalie Cassidy (ex soap actress) attending an event to celebrate curvaceous women:

Oh dear.  I actually feel a bit mean writing this, because she’s had her fair share of misery this year, breaking up with her partner after he attacked her in front of their daughter, but seriously, what was she thinking wearing this ghastly dress?

Now I haven’t watched X Factor at all this year (and haven’t missed it a bit), so I don’t know much about the contestants, but I was rather taken aback by this outfit worn by one of the rejected contestants, Kitty, to perform in a shopping centre last week:

A startling, and rather brave, choice, particularly when you are sharing the stage with somebody who has a figure like the dancer behind her in the pic.

And it gets worse … look at the back!

Another contestant, Misha B, was recently seen out and about in this:

Very, er, unusual.

Let’s move on again, and look at a couple of soap actresses:

Helen Flanagan, aka Rosie Webster from Coronation St, went out for an evening wearing this dress.

Or perhaps I should say ‘nearly wearing’ to be more accurate.  Good Lord.  It’s actually a shame, because it’s quite a nice dress apart from not being big enough to cover her chest.

And Kym Marsh showed us how not to dress when going out with your teenage daughter.

Kym, you’ve got ‘trying too hard’ written all over you.

Anyway, I suppose we should end on a positive note, so here’s a dress which really caught my eye recently …

Kate Beckinsale has featured several times in my Frock It posts recently (quite often in white), and once again, I love this unusual white lace dress.  Tasteful and elegant.

Well, that wraps up this Frock It, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty more fashion faux-pas for me to comment on in the run up to Christmas, so expect another one  soon!




9 thoughts on “Frock It

  1. OMG what horrors – surely they all have friends who could say – but perhaps you should try something else???

    The only one I like is Kylies and I agree she’s overdoing the face fixing – shame as she’s naturally pretty.

    BTW I’ve blogged today about our swap – with pics 😉

  2. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Natalie Cassidy´s outfit is busy, busy, busy and just not nice. The X-Factor woman´s outfit is just yuck. Nicotine yellow and gives her a camel xxxxx. Kim Marsh´s dress is okayish but too much leg with boney knees followed by black invalid boots. But her daughter looks nice. Helen Flanagan´s dress would look beautiful on some one with smaller boobs and Misha B whoever she is has just lost the plot. The only dress I really like is Kylie´s. Leona Lewis´s outfit is spoilt by yes being too long but also her hair and the fact that she is slouching. Stand up straight woman!

  3. You wonder who lets some of these people out, dressed the way they are! Poor Kym Marsh’s daughter looks a bit embarrassed by her mother – and quite rightly so. Helen Flanagan – words are failing me. A pretty girl and a potentially lovely dress, spoiled by so much cleavage.
    Of all your pictures I think Kate Beckinsale is the loveliest, and Kylie looks good too.

  4. LOVE your shoes. Shoe Envy.
    I dont have a christmas mug. I think I need one. Did our Xmas lunch quiz today (very early I know.) did it in my elf hat!
    love leonas dress hate the hair. I adore the dress on Gwyneth, I just love it. Dont know why but I hate Kylies dress, looks like cheap material to me. Her eyebrows are wrong also? Natalie Cassidy looks like a reject from My big fat gypsy wedding, what gives with the black hair?

    And the lady in the cat suit… wrong. Near camel toe moment and looks like a man in drag. I cant work out what the last one is wearing

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