Favourite Things on a Friday – Festivities

Linking up this week with Mimi and Tilly, and now it’s December I can officially start to enjoy all things Christmassy!

1.  Christmas films – I’m so looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa and watching lots of these.

2.  My Christmas mug – lots of cups of tea will be drunk from this in the coming month.  Accompanied by a mince pie or two, no doubt!

3.   Christmas cards – some have arrived already, and I think I shall sit down and get mine written this weekend.  Perhaps with a cheeky glass of mulled wine.

4.   Christmas jigsaw – I’m looking forward to starting this huge 1,000 piece puzzle, no doubt helped by Ashley and William!

5.   There are actually still berries on the holly bushes around the garden this December – first time I can remember this happening for ages.

6.    The tree and decorations will be coming out of the loft this weekend.

7.   All my presents are wrapped and looking very festive indeed.

8.   Party shoes – only £17 from Debenhams, I couldn’t resist these outrageously high pink glitter platforms.  I shall be kicking them off before any dancing commences, however, as I don’t want to celebrate Christmas with a broken ankle!

9.   Snow – I took this photo this time last year – snow for Christmas again would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

Oooh, I do love December!


5 thoughts on “Favourite Things on a Friday – Festivities

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment andf or joining in! I’ll see if I can get some good photos of the dresses. I’m not sure I can get into them now but will see what I can do! I’m loving your glittery shoes! Em x

  2. Am with you on the xmas stuff now it’s december. I won’t touch a mince pie till 1st december otherwise I feel like I’ve been eating them all year! Lolo x

  3. Our decs are coming out this weekend too. I’m not a shoe person but I absolutely love those glitter heels.
    I think I may watch the Holiday this weekend too. I’m so excited!
    Lisa x

  4. I agree with all of these except, sorry, the pink glittery shoes. They are very pretty, but just looking at the height of them is making my feet and ankles hurt! Pink, glittery and flat is the way forward for me now.

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