Frock It

Time for my last celebrity fashion round-up of 2011 – I have loved researching and writing these posts this year, and reading all your comments on them.

First up this week, Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a very odd dress, which actually makes her look a bit, well, deformed …

Really most odd, don’t you think?  Or is it just me?

The Duchess of Cornwall disappointed me with this outfit she chose for an evening out recently …

She’s worn some rather nice outfits this year, particularly to Prince William’s and Zara Phillips’ weddings, but I’m afraid this one didn’t float my boat.  Those puffball style skirts are really difficult to wear well, and I don’t think she’s pulling off the the metallic fabric very well, either.

I haven’t watched a single episode of X Factor this year,but I saw a picture of this dress that Kelly Rowland, one of the judges, wore a few weeks ago and thought it was lovely.

It would be a perfect dress for an evening on a summer holiday, I think.

Now, whilst I’m not a fan of satiny ‘nightdress’ fabric, I did think Jerry Hall looked stunning in this lilac dress with purple accessories …

Effortlessly stylish, as ever.

Don’t quite know what she’s doing with Pixie Geldof, but every time I see a picture of either her or her sister, Peaches, they always strike me as being a bit grubby and needing a good scrub.  Couldn’t tell you why.  I used to think the same about Amy Winehouse, too.  And don’t even get me started on their tattoos.  Eugh.

Moving on, I thought Leona Lewis had a bit of a ‘sack the stylist’ moment in this outfit:

A very strange combination of clothing items, which don’t really work very well together, IMHO.

Now, here’s a perfect example of a good dress gone bad ….

This is an actress, Olivia Grant, attending the British Film Awards, in what could have been a lovely dress.  Apart from the fact somebody has seen fit to put a layer of black net over the whole thing.  Why?  Another oddity.

My penultimate frock this week is an absolute horror, as worn by Lady Victoria Hervey (and I use the title ‘Lady’ very loosely), who is old enough and should be well educated enough to know better …

Put it away, love – nobody’s interested.

I shall leave you with a ‘who wore it best’, and it’s quite an interesting one.  The Duchess of Cambridge and Amy Childs (reality TV star) both wore this Zara dress within a week.

Much as I love  you, Kate, I’m afraid I’m liking Amy’s interpretation more …

Frock It will be back in 2012.


11 thoughts on “Frock It

  1. Well Lady Victoria Hervey whoever she is isn´t just educated enough to know better, she is old enough too. Prefer Kate´s Zara look over Amy´s although both are nice. I didn´t like Jerry Hall´s dress either, sorry, but just do not like these pale wishy washy colours and is it a little tight over the stomach?? Do agree with you about the tattooes. They do look dirty. SJP looks like a toilet roll holder and Camilla – well horrible shade of green and I thought those skirts went out in the 70´s.

    Now for beautiful dresses you only need to watch Strictly. Alex Jones was wearing am amazing crimson/scarlet dress the other week, so glam and this week Holly had on a tight red number for her tango.

    Thank you Caroline for all the Frock Its for 2011 and look forward to more in 2012.

  2. Actually caught myself saying, ‘oh, oh, OH! It’s Frock It!’ when I saw your post title today. 🙂

    SJP as toilet roll holder! ROTFLOL!!!

    Duchess of Cornwall…jacket’s not awful, but that skirt sure is. Wasn’t too keen on the lightish blue of Prince Charles suit there beside her either.

    I didn’t think Jerry Hall’s dress was very figure flattering.

    Leona Lewis’ jacket looks like she got cold and borrowed it from the waiter.

    I don’t mind the black tulle over Olivia Grant’s dress…except that it is horribly, stupidly TOO LONG! All of these formal length dresses are just too long…when will this trend end?!

    Victoria Hervey…yeck! And check out her knees…are they just dry or are those callouses? What are ya doin’ down there girl?

    And I like Kate’s version better…looks more pulled together than just pulled off the hanger.

  3. Didn’t really like any of the dresses. Oh, maybe Kate’s Zara dress was nice. I like the way she styled it. Jerry Hall could have looked better in the dress if it was a bit looser in the tummy area I think. I don’t know Victoria Hervey but I also noticed her knees were either dry skin or the fake tan didn’t work there?

  4. Where to start! SJP looks dreadful, Duchess of Cornwall not her best look, Jerry Hall’s dress looks a little snug across the tummy, Leona Lewis’s dress could do with some attention from an iron, and Lady VH’s is awful. Olivia Grant’s dress doesn’t look too bad, but agree it would be better without the black netting For the final dress – I think Amy wears it best.

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