Christmas in Pictures

We’re off to meet friends and their kids for drinks this afternoon at Wetherspoons – unusually for me, I haven’t had a single hangover this Christmas, which must be an all-time first.

But before I go and drink a vat of Pino Grigio, thought I’d share some pictures of some of my lovely Christmas presents.

I always write a very specific gift wishlist (complete with hyperlinks, usually!), which generally ensures I’m delighted with everything I receive.  Control freakery?  Maybe, but when you have a husband who interprets your desire for a food processor as carte blanche to go and purchase an industrial-sized Kenwood so huge he was unable to bring it to my parents’ house, despite the fact we went in the Range Rover, for me to open on the day, being specific feels like a necessity.  Needless to say, the Kenwood-the-size-of-a-small-County is being despatched back from whence it came immediately after New Year.

First up, a lovely big pile of books.  Can’t wait to get stuck into them.


Some make up bits and bobs I wanted to try out.  The magnetic nail polish is a-MAY-zing – look:

‘Scuse my wrinkly granny hands.

Gorgeous chutneys and jellies made by Diane who works in Ashley’s office, all from home-grown or local wild produce.  Yum!

Been wanting a Clarisonic for ages, so really excited about this.

I have beaten my Mum in our 2011 Scrabble championship, and I might even win again in 2012 now I’ve got this Scrabble dictionary!  And a lovely red patent padded notebook for writing lots of lists!

A rather tasteless plastic heart-shaped paperweight(?) with a rose in it ‘For Someone Special’.  But I love it because William chose it for me.  Although when he crowed ‘It only cost me £1.50, Mum!’, I was somewhat less enamoured!  But I forgave him, because there were three enormous Thorntons Champagne Truffles as well!

Before Christmas I took part in a blog swap organized by Lakota, and my partner was Vicki, who sent me some gorgeous gifts including these two handmade lovelies, which go perfectly with my blue, white and silver Christmas colour theme.


On Boxing Day, we went for a walk with Nick, Amanda, the kids and Amanda’s parents along the seafront at Southbourne which blew away the cobwebs nicely, before going back to Nick’s to watch Nick’s DVD movie of our holiday in the Maldives and a glass of pink fizz.



9 thoughts on “Christmas in Pictures

  1. You must have been very good this year to have received all those lovely pressies!! The Bruno Mars album is good isnt it?! I got that too!

  2. What a lucky girl you are! The nails look good!
    That photo of the children is great, love the colour against the black and white.
    Lisa x

  3. I have never heard of ‘Come rain, come shine’ – when is it from? Love the magnetic nail varnish – saw an ad for it yesterday on the tube and just like in your photo, wanted the model to wiggle her hands to see it change.
    Books look fab of course. What is the v bottom one? I have read two of those and they were excellent.
    Let me know how the Mac stuff is – am a sucker for new products.
    And Ashley looks bloody freezing!!!

  4. I think I am going to follow your example for a very specific wishlist. My list this year was clearly not specific enough and I think as well as including things we would like to receive, it should include things we wouldn’t like to receive!

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