If I Had A Daughter …

… I would be able to buy her pretty, girly pink clothes which we would choose together.  Rather than grabbing the first thing we find that fits in the first shop we go to because “Shopping’s SO booooooring, Mum.”


… We would watch TV shows with dancing and ice skating together at the weekends.  Instead, our TV is permanently tuned to Dr Who, Top Gear or a rerun of  MASH.


… We would have girly pamper sessions with face masks and mani/pedis.  Instead I have to nag for hours to get my 11 year old son anywhere near a shower.


… Trips to the cinema would be to see films like the Twilight movies, Mamma Mia and High School Musical.  Instead, my cinema-going highlights last year included Planet of the Apes!


… She would have hobbies like ballet and gymnastics.  Instead I have spent more hours than I care to remember watching karate lessons, and have a pretty extensive knowledge of Japanese martial arts terminology.


… A trip to the shops would not include a lengthy visit to Games Workshop (an emporium where men and boys spend hours discussing and buying over-priced tiny plastic figures and having complicated ‘battles’ with them.  I know – weird.)


… We’d have fun dance games and Zumba for the Wii, instead of Formula 1 car racing and Death & Destruction With Bombs 3 (or whatever it’s called).


But when all is said and done, of course I wouldn’t change my William for the world.



7 thoughts on “If I Had A Daughter …

  1. It’s funny when my SIL was first expecting I hoped for a niece but I wouldn’t change my nephew for anything and love the boys things he’s into at the moment!

    Saying that I have best of both now I have a little niece too!!!

    Victoria xxx

  2. That is lovely. However I can remember some horrendous shopping trips trying to buy for a young teenage girl who only wanted to dress in holey skateboarder jeans and Doc Martins! But a daughter is a daughter for life. Even better is a granddaughter who just wants to be a Princess and won´t wear trousers just pretty dresses.

  3. Yes but if you had a daughter you’d get doors slammed more… she’d borrow your best make up without asking, you’d be blamed for her spots amongst other things and she’d say “Seriously mum?’ when you came down the stairs – giving her unwanted opinion of your outfit.

    But I still love mine to death,
    PS They also hog the shower and use all the hot water.

  4. This made me smile! 🙂 I lucked out with one of each. My sister had THREE boys, and she loved to go with me to shop for my daughter’s new clothes.

    But momof4 is right, and there are those unbearable stages. It was actually me who slammed a door once breaking a window in the process (yes, I was the mature one in the argument with a 13 year old). My husband replaced the glass with plexiglass! I think he was trying to tell me something.

  5. Ha ha! My daughter liked everything William does, hated clothes shopping (oh what agony it was) and refused to wear dresses. She is of course completely wonderful.

  6. Give it a few more years and William will reward you in spades, (not that he doesn’t alreay, but all of a sudden he will like water and clothes – and there’s bound to be a girl behind it! I have 2 boys, (well, men now, 22 and 20) and wouldn’t swap them for the world – my 2 best friends have a daugher each and nothing but grief! The grass isn’t always greener – though I agree wholeheatedly on games Workshop and all those video games…………ah well! Anyway, still enjoying reading your blog!! Happy New Year. Lucy

  7. Oh bless. I have two girls and whilst you do get to do most of those things it is always amazing how many things they also love of hubby’s. So yes Dr who is still a firm favourite as is top gear!

    But like you say I wouldn’t swop mine for the world even thought I aways longed for a boy! lol!

    X x

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