Journal Jar Q58. Describe Your First Home As A Young Couple

I spent ages last night looking through old photo albums to try and find a photo of our first house in Torquay, but couldn’t find one.  This morning, I have discovered that I can embed photos from Google Street View into my blog by copying a nifty bit of code, which has pleased me no end.

I moved to from Bournemouth to Torquay to live with Ashley in 1995 – to this blue terraced house in a not-very-nice part of Torquay very close to Torquay United’s football ground.  Ashley had owned the house for several years, and had let out rooms to various friends and friends of friends to help pay the mortgage.

Before I moved in, I put my foot down regarding the tenants and made him get rid of the last two who were still living there.  I didn’t want to start life as a couple of living together feeling like I was going back to being a student in a shared house! When I moved in, I think the house would probably have been described by an estate agent as ‘having bags of potential’ or ‘a good buy for a DIY enthusiast’.

It had no central heating, a 1950s kitchen (no longer at its best), a downstairs bathroom, and next door neighbours on both sides who were, how shall I put it, interesting characters.  Housework was not Ashley’s strong point (still isn’t, funnily enough) and I remember spending DAYS scrubbing and cleaning and mopping (with his mother, who came to help me – we got on better in those days) just to make the place habitable.

But despite the basic accommodation, I have some happy memories of our time living at St Edmunds Road, and I remember a couple of great parties we had, too!  I can’t say I was sorry, though, when we moved to a cottage in the country in 1997.

Ashley still owns the house – it’s been rented out since we moved out – and it is the only house in the street still with its original windows and front door.  It still doesn’t have any central heating, but we have updated the kitchen, put in a shower room upstairs and had it re-roofed a few years ago.

It does look as if the outside needs painting, though, judging by this picture.  Must mention it to Ashley!


5 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q58. Describe Your First Home As A Young Couple

  1. We lived at the top of Forest Road when the kids were young. I loved that house four large bedrooms with original features but think it might have been haunted.

    Our first “house” together was a rented flat on the Teignmouth Road, Torquay we were like the jam in a sandwich. We got married and literally had no where to live got back from honeymoon hubby went back to his mother in Leicester whilst I went home. Found this place via an old neighbour who had just bought the three flats. He said he would do it up and charge x amount or we could and have it considerably less. Unfortunately “doing it up” meant pulling up the carpets which were covered in dog shit and painting the walls which again were “splashed”. But in the end it was a lovely bright comfortable flat overlooking the park. Did make the mistake of buying a red nylon carpet though, which attracted every little bit of dust and cat hair. Oh yes and our upstairs neighbour had a thing about Frank Ifield and played his records on “I remember youhoo”.

  2. Now you’ve got me thinking about the horrible furnished flat in Stockton on Tees that was our first home in 1970. Amazing what you put up with when you’re young and in love, happy days but so glad we’ve moved up the property ladder a bit.

  3. Lol but if you still lived there you could walk to the waitrose! LMAO really what the hell were they thinking when they changed the somerfield into a waitrose? right next to the council estate and what was the old westlands school.

    although both the chip shop and the chinese take away were open at lunch times. I made great use of my lunch time pass. not that anyone ever checked it!

  4. I dont live there any more. Wish I did. Yep I went to Wastelands as we called it. Your husband probably remembers the science teacher Mr King. He had left by the time I got there but my brother was taught by him and they always got out of the lessons by asking “Mr King, how are you getting on with your boat?”. He was building a yacht in his garden.

    Over the pool to look cool even though I didnt smoke. Good days. no worries.

    I live in Wiltshire now. An economic migrant if you will.

    One day I will move home.

    But like the tag line on Mum of 4’s blog, when I visit, I am not at home there and I am not at home here. I live in no mans land.

    I had a friend who lived on Forest Road and 2 friends in Empire Road.

    Torquay is excellent when you are younger. people say it is bad, and everything costs money. I say they should try and live here. there really is nothing to do.

    What more do you want than to be able to walk to the beach in the summer? in the winter ok, maybe a bit of money needs spending.

    You might want to know for a family there is an offer on at the bowling alley. I went there last weekend with my friend and her family. 3 kids 4 adults £30. Excellent fun. I scored 144! I cant remember any other amount I have managed but I dont think that is too bad

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