Weekly Goals #2

Firstly, an update on how last week’s goals went:

1.  Take down and put away all Christmas decs. SUCCESS!

2.   Have 6 alcohol free days. SUCCESS!  And I really enjoyed  a couple of cocktails and a couple of glasses of vino on Saturday evening.

3.   Go out for 3 walks. PARTIAL SUCCESS! Managed two walks.  Third one was planned for today (Sunday) but after a very hectic day of furniture moving yesterday, and it being ‘that time of the month’ today, I didn’t fancy going out again after getting in from this morning’s car boot.

4.   Give the whole house a good clean – it badly needs it after the Christmas break. SUCCESS! Needs doing again now, though – that’s the trouble with housework, isn’t it?!

5.   Menu plan from Tuesday onwards. BIG SUCCESS!  Worked very well, and kept grocery spend way down on what I’ve been used to recently.  Felt very organised as well – another big plus.

6.   Write down everything I eat from Tuesday onwards. FAIL! Started taking photos of everything I ate, but had given this up by Wednesday.  Am going to try again this week – off to dig out a suitable notebook for this purpose right now.

And my goals for the coming week are:

1.         Walk every weekday.

2.         Have six alcohol free days.

3.         Write down everything I eat.

4.         Lose four pounds (from my start weight as at last Wednesday, when I finally got my head out of the sand and weighed myself for the first time in MONTHS – it wasn’t pleasant).

5.         Move some money – I’ve had a large amount of money sitting in an account earning no interest for far longer than it should have done.

6.         Have breakfast within 1.5 hours of waking up (seems to be getting later and later each day, so I need to try and sort it out).

7.         Make sure the pile of ‘stuff to do’ on my desk is cleared every evening.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Goals #2

  1. Well done for achieving some of your goals. Do you have an iphone? If so get the My Fitness Pal app as you can record your eating on there – I find it’s easier than writing down (alternatively I believe you can do it online too)

    Victoria xx

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