Menu Plan Monday

We’re still trying to cut down on meat eating during the week, so this week’s menu plan has two veggie dishes and one fish dish.  I’ve just done my online Tesco order for delivery tomorrow.  My shopping was more expensive than last week, but I’ve stocked up on several things that were on offer – cat food, tinned toms, kitchen roll, Diet Coke (yes, I have a fizzy drink addiction – never more than one can a day though!).  Still  have lots of veg left from last week’s veg box order, so didn’t need to order another this week.

Here is this week’s plan:

Monday – Glazed salmon with roasted squash, carrots, peppers and courgettes.

Tuesday – Mexican Chicken soup (made with leftover chicken and stock from Sunday’s roast)

Wednesday – Slow cooker Lentil Dhal with rice (new recipe)

Thursday – Egg fried rice with veg (Ashley and I both really enjoyed this last week, and as it’s a really healthy option, decided to add it to this week’s menu as well).

Friday – Shepherd’s pie served with Savoy cabbage (I made and froze two shepherd’s pies last week with leftover cooked lamb, so this’ll be nice and easy on Friday night).

Saturday – not sure yet, but maybe steak.

Sunday – Sausage and onion casserole with mash and veg.  Ashley will be away, so it’s just me and Will for dinner, and as we both love sausages and Ashley isn’t so keen, this will be a good opportunity to have them!


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8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Sounds a yummy menu, I am trying to have 2 meat free days a week but will use Quorn as a substutue for mince too as I am embarking on Slimming World again x Dawn

  2. Try salmon with a little olive oil on top then sprinkled with garam masala and cooked in a parcel of foil for 20 mins. Delicious.

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