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I think I mentioned a few days ago that we were moving furniture around last weekend.  We decided to swap William’s bedroom with the spare bedroom – the spare room is the biggest bedroom in the house and has an ensuite shower room, and as Will gets older, it’s nice for him to have more of a bedroom/sitting room arrangement with his TV, a sofa etc.  He can also have his friends round without them taking over and trashing my lounge!

This swap does have the knock-on effect of what is now the spare room being less than half the size it was previously – and having to find space to store all the shizzle we used to keep in there.  Because it was such a big room, it tended to get used as a dumping ground for eBay stock, stuff on its way to or from the loft, and anything else that we weren’t quite sure what to do with!

Hence, this week has been a lot about tidying, decluttering and rehoming mountains of ‘stuff’ – and it’s still not finished.  The charity shops have done well out of me this week – I’ve taken in several large bags and boxes of things, and there are more to go.

Lots of good stuff on TV since the beginning of the New Year as well – One Born Every Minute (always makes me cry), Dancing on Ice (although what a bunch of NOBODIES this year’s ‘celebs’ are), Wild At Heart (lovely family Sunday evening viewing), a new series of Bear Grylls which is one of William’s favourites, and Casualty is back on Saturday evenings.  Enjoyed last week’s three part drama on BBC One with Anna Friel, Public Enemies – thought provoking and well acted, if a bit far-fetched.

I’ve just received from Lovefilm the first DVD of the first ever series of Spooks, which somehow passed me by completely when it was on TV, so I’m looking forward to watching that this weekend.

We’re off to Wetherspoons this evening to meet up with friends and their kids for drinks and food – after nearly two weeks of abstinence and healthy eating, I’m really quite excited about it!

Saturday night will be a quiet night in for us, and on Sunday Ashley is off to the hotel as he has to attend their staff Christmas do on Sunday evening. (Yes, I know it’s not Christmas, but they always have their party in Jan as they’re too busy in December).

Right, I’m off out for a walk – first frosty morning we’ve had since well before Christmas here.  Happy Friday 13th, everybody!

Ps  Just had to post this, that I found on Pinterest (yes, slowly but surely, Pinterest is sucking me in!).  Not only is it rather funny, it’s very appropriate to my life this week as well.


11 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who cries at one born every minute. I have also been trying to re-organise my dining/sewing room, I started before Christmas but still don’t seem to have finished!

  2. Pinterest – never heard of it but will now investigate. Spooks fantastic. One of my all time favourite shows. Look out for Homeland on Sky soon with Damien Lewis. Looking good. Also try to get the first series of The Good Wife brilliant drama. Mind you we started the first episode of the last series last night and Julianne Margellies (excuse the spelling) has been at the LÓreal which she advertises and her hair is far too dark now.

    I wasn´t impressed with Public Enemies – feel that Anna Friel just acts the same way in every drama that she is in. Cannot see how she would fall for Daniel May who lets face it is not the most good looking guy in the world and his character in this drama was a bit “thick”.

  3. I bought P series 4 and 5 of Spooks on DVD for Christmas. We’d already watched from series 6 onwards on TV and as series 1 – 3 starred Keeley Hawes, who neither of us can stand the sight of (po-faced, prissy little miss that she is) I thought we’d start at 4. Having watched a few of the episodes already we’re very impressed – excellent, intelligent TV. I’m very much enjoying Sherlock on Sunday evenings at the moment too – again, clever and intelligent TV, which certainly makes a nice change these days.

  4. I liked the Anna Friel ‘public enemies’ – we watched it this week. Also need to finish watching her other series on ITV based on the Nikki French novel.
    We (well me) also attacked our spare room which became the wrapping room over Christmas and still had all the Christmas paper everywhere. Sorted now and is tidy as long as you don’t open the closet door. Have also had a few trips to drop off things at the charity shop – another bag waits by the back door even as I type this!
    Enjoy Spooks. IS the first series the one with Matthew McFaddyen (?) in it? Mmmm.

  5. Pinterest is very addicitve isn’t it, but I have made a few things from it so that’s good.
    Bet William will love having the bigger room as a chill out place for him and his mates.
    Good luck with the furniture rearranging and on going decluttering.
    Lisa x

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