Menu Planning Monday

I missed meal planning last week, as I was going away for a couple of days, and am so pleased to be back to it this week.  It’s so much less stressful knowing what you’re going to cook for dinner every evening, not to mention knowing that you’ve got the ingredients you need to make it as well!

So, this week’s plan is looking something like this:

Monday – Chicken stir fry with leftover chicken from Sunday

Tuesday – Chick peas with spinach (Jamie Oliver recipe that caught my eye in the Saturday paper this weekend)

Wednesday – Butter bean and cumin soup with garlic bread

Thursday – Mexican pork steaks with chilli lime yogurt and sweet potato wedges (recipe below – excuse the word ‘preview’ all over it – I just copied the jpeg straight from my file – lazy blogger that I am)

Friday – Chinese takeaway (excuse: I’ve run out of those handy plastic containers that Chinese food comes in!)

Saturday – who knows?

Sunday – roast something or other.



4 thoughts on “Menu Planning Monday

  1. The Mexican pork sounds lovely and I am pinching that but you can keep the spinach and chick peas. Hate chick peas at the best of times. We have spicy fresh salmon tonight with fresh taglietelli (scuse the spelling) and a mushroom, creamy sauce.

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