Menu Plan Monday

It’s all a bit chaotic this week – my diary is looking rather full with one thing and another, and we’re all a bit at sixes and sevens as far as meals are concerned as well.  Tonight, for example, we were supposed to be eating out with friends who are down from London, but unfortunately the weather has precluded them getting as far as Devon, so that’s been cancelled.

And I think Mother In Law is coming over for dinner one evening, but I’m not sure which yet, so anyway …

Here is the rough plan for the week’s meals.  Very subject to change.  Very.

Monday – Moroccan chick pea casserole

Haven’t cooked this for ages, but am hoping that the flavours will transport me to warmer climes.

Tuesday – Lentil and chilli soup with garlic bread.

Wednesday – Prawn, broad bean and tomato stew with herbed couscous

Thursday – Vegetable biriyani

(Three new recipes in a row, there – maybe a little over-ambitious.  We’ll see.)

Friday – friends coming over for dinner, not entirely sure yet.   Am thinking a Thai Green chicken curry maybe.  And party food for the children – requested specially by William – pizza, chicken nuggets, chips etc.

Saturday – no idea – Ashley’s turn to cook!

Sunday – roast something, I imagine.

Linking up with the lovely Mrs M as usual, and looking forward to seeing what everybody else is cooking this week.


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