Frock It!

It seems a while since my last delve into celeb-land, so let’s have a little round-up of who’s been wearing what, shall we?

First up, Beyonce was out and about earlier this week looking really far better than it’s humanly reasonable to look only one month after giving birth …

… I can only assume that Ms Knowles has an army of staff on hand to help her look like this, and doesn’t even know the meaning of the expression ‘night feed’.  I remember a month after giving birth, thinking it was a result if I managed to make it out of my pyjamas before 4 pm!

The Duchess of Cambridge carried out her first solo Royal Engagement last night, attending an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

I thought she looked absolutely lovely in this coat dress – and as glowing as ever.

My favourite evening dress over the last couple of weeks has to be this one worn by Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere of her new movie, Journey 2.

I’m very fond of yellow and I thought this dress was lovely – apart from the really ugly flesh-coloured panel at the side …

WHY?  To me, it spoils the whole look of the dress.


Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud (who used to be a redhead – when did that change?), was pictured out and about wearing this rather nice cape …

I’m rather partial to capes, particularly in this horrible cold weather.  Note to self: dig out camel cape and wear it before winter is gone.

Moving on, it was nice to see a member of the ubiquitous cast of TOWIE wearing something vaguely tasteful for a change …

Well done, Sam Faiers – she’s even toned down the usual trowelled-on make-up!  Pictured on the red carpet at the National Television Awards.

Helen Mirren once again did the older woman proud in this gold ensemble at the Directors’ Guild Awards …

And talking of older women, Linda Gray who played Sue-Ellen in Dallas is certainly looking good for 71 years of age …

… although I do think a little shrug or bolero might have been a good addition, more flattering than the expanse of skin on a woman of a certain age, I feel.

Back to the National TV Awards again, and Hilary Devey of Dragon’s Den looked just like Morticia Addams in this frocky horror …

Surely, surely that hair must be a wig???!

Drew Barrymore attended the premier of new movie Big Miracle last week …

I usually quite like Drew’s dresses, but this dress was screaming ‘frumpy’ so loudly, I expected to see Sam Cam in it, to be honest.

Jade Jagger’s daughter Amba Jackson was pictured recently, apparently wearing a pair of too small Primark pyjamas …

Most odd.  Although as she’s only 16, perhaps she’s still learning.

And I’m afraid I haven’t got anything good to say about Louise Redknapp, either, in this Victoria Beckham design …

Horrid, horrid, horrid.

I’ve saved a good one for last, though, you’ll be pleased to hear, and it’s Tulisa …

It’s weird – a) because Tulisa has NEVER worn anything I’ve liked before, and b) because I feel as though I shouldn’t like it.  But I absolutely love this dress, and I secretly would quite like to wear it myself (yeah, I know, I’m 20 years too old!).

So,what did you make of this week’s bevy of beauties?  Do let me know.


9 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. Thanks Caroline I really needed Frock It this week as feeling low in spirit and body. This did cheer me up. First I really loved the pink flower number and I am not a “pink” person but it is just so pretty. Helen Mirren looked positively superb and glamorous. Linda Gray looked gorgeous but do agree that it is a bit too much flesh at this age. As for he young girl – not nice and wear a bra or do your zip up! But my favourite is Beyonce I just thought this dress was gorgeous, the colour, the style – in fact I want it. I will mix and match with the flower number! I would add to this that I do think that these celebrities who come out after a month or so showing that they have no “baby flab” do the rest of us normal people an injustice and for the media to say how wonderful they are must be so demoralising for anyone who has just had a baby. Enough said.

  2. Love your selection this week, Caroline. I think Helen Mirren looks wonderful as always (now she is an Essex girl – from Southend originally – who has style by the shed-load) and she is a total inspiration for the glamorous older woman. Linda Gray looks waaaaay too haggard round the neck and decolletage for my liking – and her hands and arms are horrid!! I saw that picture of Mick Jagger’s granddaughter last week and wondered what on earth she was doing out and about displaying so much ‘bosom’ at her age – I know what my parents would have had to say if I’d wanted to go out semi-naked at 16.

  3. I laughed about the Primark PJs! I love the yellow on Vanessa H – I think you have to have the right coloring for the new popular color and unfortunately I don’t have it. Liked the dress but the 2nd closer photo makes it look ill fitting at the boob and also agree about the nude panelling.
    Really liked the TOWIE girl’s dress – very very sophisticated looking.
    Loved Kate’s dress coat too – has it made it sell out already?
    Whilst I like the pink dress and the feathery look I’m not sure she wears it that well. SOmething is just off about it, Do I even know who the girl is? No I don’t!!

  4. Forgot to say – I don´t like Kate´s outfit I think it is very boring perhaps in a different colour it might be okay. and no one has mentioned the Dragon´s Den woman stick her on the top of a Christmas tree she would be fine then. Yes it must be a wig.

  5. Oh my goodness, Hilary Devey’s outfit must be one of the worst I’ve ever seen, anywhere. What was she thinking? I know she likes to be individual, but no, no, no, not a good look. Drew Barrymore comes a close second.

    Helen Mirren looks fabulous, and who would believe that Linda Grey is in her seventies – she looks great.

  6. The yellow dress would have been much better if they had used the same dress fabric instead of that nude piece…much less distracting.

    The pink dress is cute on a young girl…but what is that I see reflected in her shoes…is that her panties? or her lack thereof? LOL

    Oh, my! I’m going to have to show that picture of Linda Gray to my 71-year-old co-worker. Ms Gray still has a lovely figure, but showing all that aging skin and arthritic joints…<<>> These people are deluding themselves.

  7. Helen Mirren looks amazing. I hope I am half as glamorous as she is when I am her age.

    Tulisas dress reminds me of one of Bjorks? can think why.

  8. HM always looks good, she just has such style. Love the yellow dress, if it was in red maybe, don’t like yellow. Tulisa’s pink dress is quite horrid, reminds of Orville, though he is green!
    Do like the cape though and Kate’s coat dress.
    Lisa x

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