Sorting & Storage

“Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris (1834 – 1896)

I’ve been in the mood this week for decluttering, tidying and rearranging.  I started with a kitchen food cupboard in which I found, amongst other things, some dried apricots with a use by date of 2007!!  Clearly, a sort out was a bit overdue.

Ashley’s mother came to stay the night on Tuesday (no romantic Valentine meals for two in this house – Valentines Schmalentines), and commented on how ‘minimal’ the house was looking.  Bearing in mind her house is crammed with ‘stuff’ – and I mean crammed – and my mother-in-law is definitely of the more is more mindset, I didn’t feel her appraisal of my ‘minimalism’ was meant as a compliment!!

But I do love the uncluttered, tidy feel of my house – and it’s true that a lack of clutter and mess calms my mind hugely.  My sis-in-law, Amanda, once wrote on her blog that in times of crisis, the first thing she does is clean and tidy the house – and I can very much relate to the reasons behind this – control one thing, and sorting out the rest seems much more attainable.

Anyway, I digress somewhat from the point of this post, which was supposed to be about my current slight obsession with storage.

It started a few weeks ago, when I got fed up with my lounge being littered with Xbox paraphernalia – controllers, headphones, games, wires and so on.  So I bought an opened topped storage basket from Matalan, and chucked the whole lot into it.  I’ve even got the boys trained to bung the stuff back into it after they finish playing now (well, most of the time, anyway ….)

I then decided that I was fed up with all the bottles etc all over the cisterns in our ensuite bathroom, and William’s.  Both bathrooms are really small and don’t have any shelving or storage, so I decided a couple of baskets would be the answer, and they’ve made such a difference in keeping things tidy, not to mention making cleaning much easier as well.

Next, I bought a couple of seagrass storage boxes for my bedroom – not sure what they’re going to house yet, as I’m still in the middle of a major reorganization in that room, but I don’t doubt they’ll come in very handy for something that needs a home very soon.

My office is full of storage boxes – this is just two of them: the bottom one has currently listed eBay bits and bobs in, and the top one is full of my diaries and notebooks.

I love this multi-drawer box, made from an offcut of a famous local tree, which Ashley bought me several years ago for Christmas – at the moment it houses various jewellery.  The basket next to it is (some of!) my make-up – the stuff I use on a daily basis.

And I’ve just spent a happy half hour googling for storage boxes – I’m now hankering after a set of miniature suitcase boxes like these – aren’t they fab?


12 thoughts on “Sorting & Storage

  1. I’m just sat packing my hospital bag and wondering what storage we need for the nursery… I’ve been naughty and ceased the opportunity of not being babysat to move some furniture which luckily fits were we thought it wouldn’t but the nursery is now minus any drawers lol

  2. I’ve been in a sorting out mood and recently tackled my underwear drawer. Despite getting rid of several pairs of too small pants I now don’t have room for my socks. After reading your post I’m quite tempted by the idea of a sock basket, thanks.

  3. LOVE those suitcase boxes! I too have “boxed” my storage at home and bought a big rattan lidded basket for all the Playstation/Wii remotes and associated cables. Unfortunately because it’s lidded, it’s now topped with a Wii Balance Board, two remote controlled cars and several boxless DVDs!

  4. Caroline I think you have my life? lol I think something happened and you got the cool stuff!

    At our old house the ladies from work commented that my house was a mixture of scandinavian and monks cell. I think that meant it was beige and white and very sparce. just how I like it! lol not a lot to clean and dust.

  5. Although I’ve been reading your lovely blog (and sometimes funny blog which I love!), I haven’t commented lately. I love the storage ideas you came up with and love those suitcase storage boxes. I’ve been doing the very same thing – decluttering and minimizing as much as possible. I have a smallish house and if there is too much “stuff” in it, it starts to look and feel chaotic right away. I don’t need chaos, I need calm so I pick and choose what I buy and keep.
    Arlene from N.E. USA

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