This Week I’m …

… Reading

I’ve read all Adele Parks’ previous books, and really enjoyed them, but I’m just a little disappointed by this one – looking forward to getting to the end.

… Watching

Finished Season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy last night.  Loved every minute, including the musical episode.  This series just gets better and better.

… Charity Shopping

I haven’t done any charity shopping for a few weeks now, so I took myself off to town to wander around a few of my favourites while Will was at karate yesterday afternoon.  I was rather pleased to pick up a few bits and bobs – a brand new YSL short sleeve shirt for Ashley for £2.49; a lovely soft M&S oversized top for me for £2.99, which’ll make a perfect mix and match pyjama top; an Evans printed tunic top £2.49; and a pair of lovely red leather LK Bennett shoes for £4.95 to sell on.

… Being Very Lazy In the Kitchen

Ashley is away and so far this week, Will and I have been finishing up leftovers and eating meals out of the freezer – it’s been lovely not to have to cook.  He’s back tomorrow, though, so I guess I’ll have to start thinking about what’s for dinner for the next few days!




4 thoughts on “This Week I’m …

  1. I’ve never watched GA, the only American hospital drama I watch is House. HL has definitely improved with age!
    Love the red shoes.
    Lisa x

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