Weekend At Woolley Grange

Thought I’d do a post with a few of my photos from our fab couple of days in Bradford on Avon last weekend.  I was so glad when the sun came out on Sunday as I was able to get some decent outdoor pictures, as the hotel and grounds were  gorgeous.


There were lots of huge, very old trees.

A good time was had by all.

On the Saturday we walked into town, which was full of interesting old buildings and individual shops.  I was amazed to come across this little shop with almost the exact same name as Lisa’s blog, so I had to take a photo of it to show her.

Nice to see the kids immersing themselves in a board game rather than something with a screen, in a little old-fashioned pub we found for lunch which served the most amazing home-made pies (and had a great selection of games to keep the kids busy).

The boys chilling out on Sunday morning with the papers.


6 thoughts on “Weekend At Woolley Grange

  1. Oh thanks Caroline! I remember this shop being opened as it is owned by friends of another blogger and I thought then how funny it was. When we went to Cardiff the other week the train went through B-o-A and we hopeto bo back there for a day out in the summer.
    Looks like your weekend away was enjoyed by all. Love the photo of all the males with the papers.

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