Things I’ve Done So Far This Week

1.  Had lunch at Bovey Castle to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday.

2.   Taken minutes of a very boring school meeting which went on and on and on …

3.   Cleaned out and reorganised both my freezers.

4.   Met an African Grey parrot who could whistle the theme tune of The Archers.

5.   Failed to see Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the cinema because it was full (my friend INSISTS on going on Orange Wednesday because it’s half price, and it’s not the first time this has happened.  I’d rather go another day, pay the extra £3 and actually get in to see the film).

6.   Drank a revolting glass of warm white wine at Wetherspoons.

7.   Cooked lots of delicious (but rather fattening) recipes from Jamie’s America.

8.   Took afternoon tea round to Ashley’s mother’s house to celebrate her 70th birthday.

9.   Wondered why I seem to be the only person (other than Ashley, sometimes) who finds Ashley’s mother’s brainless wittering EXCEEDINGLY irritating.  And despite me having spoken to her about it previously and asked her to stop, she still does that horrible thing of invading my personal space and standing right up close to me when she talks to me, edging closer all the time.  I can’t BEAR it.

10.   A LOT of ironing.

11.   Sorted some of the mounds of eBay stock, attemping to create order from the chaos.  It’s improved, but not much.

12.   Went out for a delicious curry last night – William has suddenly developed a bit of a penchant for Indian food.

13.  Was rather pleased to wake up feeling very chipper this morning, despite rather a lot of wine last night – what a welcome result!

14.  Had a brisk walk along Teignmouth seafront in the sunshine with William, followed by sausage baps and big mugs of tea in a cafe on the promenade.

15.  Packed up and sent a million eBay parcels.

16.   Cancelled an insurance policy that Ashley’s been needlessly paying for eight months for a house that we sold *rolleyes*.

17.   Made plans for our upcoming trip to London.

18.   Thought about cleaning the kitchen – but only thought.

19.  Reminded William EVERY SINGLE BLOODY DAY to feed his tortoise.




7 thoughts on “Things I’ve Done So Far This Week

  1. Sounds like a very full week. I’m with you on the Orange Wednesday thing – I’d much rather pay the extra and know that I’ll definitely get in to see the film. That film is on my list too – I hope I don’t miss it, as I’ve done with so many other films recently. I’m also with you on the invasion of personal space – I hate it when people stand far too close. It happened to me in the supermarket check out queue this week.

  2. I think if I made a list it would be either very short or very boring…possibly both. Now I have to get off the computer, because today I’m actually doing something!

  3. hmmm number 9. If she keeps inching in or you feel uncomfortable, as soon as she is too close, I wonder what she would do if you invaded her space… Like stepped further towards her and got really close? Would it make her step back? I dont mean that in a horrid way. And you said in a previous post you had told her about it. But you generally step back if some one gets too close. so maybe try and see. then she will know how uncomfortable she makes you feel…

    Or she could be deaf?

    if you were animals I am sure animal planet would say it was a sign of one try to dominate the other, by making one back down.

    Maybe she just really likes being close to you… I would feel that I had to keep stepping back as I am a scaredy cat

  4. So what recipes did you use from Jamie´s American cookery book?

    Re the film my friend and I were discussing this sat waiting on the border at Gib this week. She said that it reminded her of a film with Kate Winslet called Hideous Kinky or something like that which she found absolutely hilarious. So as it is her birthday in a couple of weeks it is on the shopping list.

    Sorry no car boot sale this week as I do like to view your buys!

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