February Movies

Better late than never – is it really already March 5th?! – here’s a roundup of films I watched last month:

1.   Cracks

I enjoyed this dark and quite haunting film set in a girl’s boarding school in the 1920s.  Eva Green was very good as the popular and flamboyant teacher with a rather psychotic side.

2.   The Kids Are Alright

I was really looking forward to watching this film, which was nominated for four Oscars including Best Film, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would.  I thought the story – two teenage children of a lesbian couple who were conceived with donor sperm decide to look for their biological father – had potential, but the actual telling of the story left me a bit cold.  I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, and I thought the end was disappointing.  Watchable, but not as good as the hype.

3.   Footloose (2010)

I LOVE a cheesy musical, and I LOVE the original Footloose movie, and I don’t quite understand what they hoped to gain by remaking it.  Whatever it was, it left me cold.  Disappointed.  With a capital D.

4.   Winter’s Bone

Another film that was nominated for four Oscars, another film that I didn’t much enjoy.  Jennifer Lawrence’s acting in the lead role of a late teenage girl trying desperately to keep her younger siblings and insane mother safe and with a roof over their heads was superb, but it was just a desolate and depressing story of poverty, drug addiction, violence and misery with very little in the way of uplifting moments.  Bleak.

5.   Larry Crowne

Really enjoyed this light-hearted and often poignant film about a middle aged man who loses his job and decides to go to college.  Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts were fabulous in the lead roles, and I was absorbed in the story from start to finish.

6.   The Lincoln Lawyer

Matthew McConaughey plays a sleazy defence lawyer who suddenly finds his conscience when a rich client tries to beat the system.  The plot moves along pretty briskly and it’s very watchable.




5 thoughts on “February Movies

  1. Loved The Lincoln Lawyer, liked Larry Crowne & The Kids Are Alright – stopped half way through The Winters Bone – I agree very depressing!

    Watched Crazy, Stupid, Love this weekend – which was funny in places.

  2. Never watched any of these movies. I watched “Hugo” the other night which I enjoyed. Not a big fan of musicals but I saw the original Footloose movie and enjoyed that one. Did they change much of it in the new version? Have to check out Larry Crowne.

  3. Larry Crowne got kind of crummy reviews here in the States as I remember. I’ll have to watch it now as I like both leads. A friend of mine saw the new Reese Witherspoon movie yesterday (This Is War) and said it was very funny…she laughed all the way through it, so I’m thinking that maybe we should go see it while it’s still in theaters.

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