Favourite Things On A Friday

Friday again already, and I’m looking forward to having a relaxing weekend at home with very few plans …

Time for a few of this week’s favourite things …

Spring flowers for sale outside somebody’s house up the road.  How lucky I am to live somewhere that you can put your pound coin in the box for your flowers and know that nobody’s going to take it.

New shoes – £9 in the New Look sale.  Couldn’t resist the pink snakeskin platforms.

A fab new jacket for spring from the Cancer Research charity shop.  Love the colour, the print, the big buttons and the three quarter length sleeves.  Not a charity shop I usually visit, as its prices are rather steep IMHO, but even at £8.75 I couldn’t resist this jacket.

A huge mug of Chai tea and a good book.  What could be better?


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5 thoughts on “Favourite Things On A Friday

  1. …and the mini Jo Malone candle!

    I wish I lived somewhere that you could leave your money like that. And those flowers are beautiful bunches and also amazingly cheap!!

    Tell me if the book is good – sounds fab!

  2. Can’t even imagine leaving money on an outside table like that without it being snatched. Lucky you. Although I live in a town that’s not a bad place to live (very little crime), I still don’t think the money would stay in the box for long in these hard economic times. Love the shoes and all the other things you bought. Wish I had some charity shops to browse in. Doesn’t seem to be very many around here. Have a great weekend.

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