Friday’s Little Bliss List

It’s gonna be a struggle after the week I’ve had, thinking of some high points, I tell ya!  However, that’s kind of the point of the whole Little Bliss List thing on a Friday, isn’t it?


1.   I was so pleased to read that Judith Tebbutt, the British woman taken hostage by Somali pirates last year, had been released after her family raised the $1 million+ ransom.  It must be a such a relief for her poor son,  who’s only in his early 20s, particularly with his father having been killed during the couple’s kidnap.

2.   Lemon and Ginger tea – my new favourite mid-morning pick-me-up.  Refreshing AND healthy – what’s not to like?


3.   Looking forward to the end of term – only two more days and we’re FREEEEEE for three whole lovely weeks of Easter Holidays.

4.   Walking in the sunshine on Monday – although the weather has been rubbish ever since, Monday was just a perfect day and I went out for a walk to enjoy the feeling of spring being in the air.

5.   Homeland – my new favourite TV series.  I watched the first five episodes almost back to back this week, and found myself really engrossed in it.  Can’t wait for the next instalment on Sunday!


6.   Sleeping – I’ve got my good sleeping groove back on this week, and have been sleeping almost all through the night every night, and waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Happy weekend, everybody xx




12 thoughts on “Friday’s Little Bliss List

  1. hmm my wordpress acccount. oh anyway. good to think of good things (despite what may actually be happening?) and thanks for the nudge back into the blog world. hurrah.

  2. Lemon and ginger tea – “Shudders”. It has to be PG or Yorkshire for me!

    Glad you are enjoying Homeland, we just love it. Pity there are so many adverts though. I can droll over Damien Lewis any day.

  3. Have only heard good stuff about Homeland. must watch it.

    3 weeks off? Wow.

    We get a really late break here (April 4th for 10 days) and then school finishes for the YEAR May 27th!!!!!


  4. Beautiful pics from your walk on Monday. I really souId get out and get some pic’s from around here. I love a good tea so I might have to check that out, TFS. Enjoy your holidays!

  5. I love that Ginger tea – anything with ginger for me! And Homeland! What a tense episode this week. I agree it’s the best thing on TV but we now record it and watch it the day after to get rid of those infuriating ads! You just have to avoid the reviews though!

  6. I MUST watch Homeland. I am hearing so many good things about it. I’ve tried Lemon and Ginger tea (we have it in the house because hubby likes it) but I can’t seem to acquire a taste for it. Peppermint tea is my drink of choice at the moment. Roll on the Easter break – one more week of work for me!!

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