Goals For April

  • Cross off at least another ten of my Little Organising Projects.
  •  Cook four new recipes.
  •  Major reorganisation in my office.
  •  Get summer clothes out of loft and have a bit of a wardrobe overhaul.
  •  Make an ‘If I Die’ document (more on that another time).
  •  Do fun stuff during the school holidays with Will.
  •  Read two of my challenge books.
  •  Lose 7 lbs.
  •  Do some exercise.
  • Check whether I can get a better Cash ISA deal elsewhere, and pay in this year’s allowance after 5th Apr.









2 thoughts on “Goals For April

  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress results! Especially more on the “If I die” doc…it’s not going to be followed by “my husband did it” is it? LOL

    I really was inspired by your post yesterday, and have been crossing things off of my to-do list right and left. Now I’m taking a rest, because my back started complaining.

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