Sunday Car Booty

After being woken up by the cat chasing a mouse around the house at 2 am, being unable to get back to sleep for ages and resorting to reading my book, this morning’s 6.45 am alarm would have been most unpleasant if it wasn’t for the fact that I was already once again wide awake.  I’m sure my tiredness will catch up with me later, though, so I may well be getting back into bed at some point during the day – good job we haven’t got any Easter festivities planned.

Here are today’s car boot bargains:

Vintage Moulinex herb grinder 50p, L’Oreal Renoviste glycolic peel kit £2, bath net 20p

Bargain of the day, gorgeous black Kurt Geiger wedges, hardly worn and boxed – £3!

Brand new FCUK giftset, £1

2 x La Redoute boys’ grandad collar shirts, 75p each

Principles linen suit, £2.50.  Not my size, sadly, as I love the print.

Next wedges £2.25, red boots £2, Damart shoes £1.50.

There’s another car boot sale tomorrow morning, although the weather forecast is dire so it may well be cancelled.

Hope you have a lovely Easter Sunday whatever you may be doing.  We are a chocolate-free zone here.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

    • Dunno about the chocolate thing, really – there just isn’t any in the house! We’re not huge choc fans anyway. Moving onto the shoes, yes they fit, but they’re bloody uncomfortable, sadly. May have to be sold (shame).

  1. Bloody brilliant bootsale bargains. (how’s that for alliteration?) Fantastic KG wedges! All I ever see is tat.
    Had to buy my own chocolate this year 😦

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