Black Belt!

I was a very, very proud mother on Saturday, when William passed an extremely gruelling five hour exam and was awarded his black belt in karate.

Only around 1% of the people who start karate make it to black belt, and for William, it was the culmination of six years’ hard work.

Black belts are not given out lightly, and parts of the grading exam were really hard for me to watch  – the one-to-one combat in particular had me wincing and nearly having to leave at one point.  More than one person sustained minor injuries on the day, and there was more than a little blood as well (thankfully not William’s – he had some horrific bruises, though).

When the black belts and certificates were presented at the end of the day, I’m not ashamed to say that I cried tears of joy and pride for William.

And as William wrote in the essay that was part of his grading exam:

Some people think that black belt is the end of karate.  But really, it’s just the end of the beginning.


14 thoughts on “Black Belt!

  1. Wow – well done to him! That is a lot of time and commitment. Given that you have probably driven him to and from lessons for 6 years I think you should reward yourself with something to mark the occasion too. How about, erm, a black erm handbag?

  2. I can tell how proud you are of him. That is certainly a great achievement. I would probably feel the same way you did about watching it all and being afraid someone would get hurt. Like mumof4 said you should give yourself a reward also for being there for your son for 6 years. I remember those days of getting everyone to their particular sports/crafts/lessons when my kids were young. It’s not easy for him or you. Isn’t it great though that your son followed through all these years and look at what it has earned him. I wish all children could find something they like to do to keep them out of trouble and also wish they had a nice, caring mother like you to help them achieve it.

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