Do You Instagram?

For an avid taker of photographs such as myself, Instagram is the perfect App – creating, manipulating and sharing photographs of … well, anything you like.

I’ve only been Instagram-ing for a few weeks, but am already totally addicted.  I’ve noticed that several blog writers do regular ‘A Week In Instagram’ posts, so I thought I’d do something similar today with some of my recent snaps.

Clockwise from top left:

Rope swinging; Rainy Monday through the window, Roses from Ashley (first time I’ve been bought flowers for AGES); painted nails matched to iPhone case – inadvertently; arty shot of glass; breakfast at a beachfront cafe as a last-day-of-the-holidays treat; cats waiting for dinner; mid-week lunch complete with generous portion of M&S wasabi peas – yum!; Sunday night is family board game (and a large glass of wine) night;  fruit gums in a box – didn’t know these still existed, such a blast from the past; couldn’t resist this bargain £3 top in Asda while doing the food shopping; bluebell woods.

You can click on the individual photos to make them bigger.

My Instagram username is @caroline_whamh if you’d like to follow me – it’s my new favourite thing!


6 thoughts on “Do You Instagram?

  1. Oooh lovely to see your snaps, more of these please. My pics seem to be the only ones these days that don’t have that ‘aged’ look that instagram gives.

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