99. If You Had £1m To Donate To Any Charity , Which Would It Be?

Imagine how lovely it would be to have £1 million to give away to do some good – that really is life-changing money.  Ideally, I would like to spread it around two or three different charities, possibly including a smaller, less well-known one, but if I had to nominate just one, it would have to be Cancer Research UK, which is my ‘favourite’ charity, and one to which I have a direct debit every month.

I think we all know at least one person whose life has been touched by cancer, and I’ve written before about my best friend Linda, who died of cancer when we were 16, which is probably the main reason that this is a charity close to my heart.  My father-in-law also died of cancer three years ago, and watching him slowly lose his battle with this terrible disease was very distressing.

So yes, my £1 million would be put towards trying to find a cure for cancer.

I was reading a news story last week about Mandy Smith (former ‘child bride’ of Rolling Stone Bill Wyman), and her ex-WAG sister being investigated as to the whereabouts of £250,000 they raised for a children’s hospital in Birmingham, after it transpired that only £8k was ever handed over to the charity, and it appears that they paid large amounts to themselves in ‘consultancy fees’.  If this is true, it’s absolutely disgraceful – how could anybody possibly do this – it’s just the lowest of the low as far as I’m concerned, and should be punishable with a custodial sentence.

Another charity I support regularly is Kiva, which I love because it’s all about helping people to help themselves, and you get to see exactly where your money’s going and who it’s helping.

The idea is that you lend money to people in third world countries to set up or expand their small business, and you can choose from a large number of requests on the site at any one time.  Loans are made in increments of $25 US dollars, and are repaid over a period of months.  I have made several loans over the last three years, all to businesses/co-operatives run by women.  My current loan is to a lady in Kenya, who runs a cosmetic store – this is her profile on the Kiva site:

Caroline is a 35 year old lady from Homabay town, in western Kenya. She is married to Geofrey, and they have children aged six, nine and twelve years.

Caroline operates a cosmetics shop, a business she has been running for the last 10 years and which earns her a monthly income of KES 10,000. She will use the loan to buy stock of hair products and other beauty products. Her profits will be used to educate her children. Her dream is to enlarge her business.”

I think it’s a brilliant way of giving to charity and I highly recommend it to anybody who may be interested.

Which charity would you give £1m to?


6 thoughts on “99. If You Had £1m To Donate To Any Charity , Which Would It Be?

  1. Giving to charity is very personal usually affected by someone you have known who has been affected by a disease/issue. My favourite ones would be Alzheimers (because I reckon I will be affected by this as my mother, grandmother and grandfather all had the disease. My grandfather dying in Digby Mental Hospital which is now an housing estate in Exeter. I still have a very poignant letter from him addressed to my father begging him to come and get him). The next one would be Motor Neurone an old friend is in the latter stages of it and saw her mother and aunt dying from it. An horrendous disease. The last would be Mind for very personal reasons. However I do love the idea of that small charity that you donate to Kiva, it sounds wonderful.

  2. I agree with Glynis above but if I had £1m, I would give it to ShelterBox, a charity that is local to me but which works all over the world to give shelter and dignity to those affected by disasters, natural or man made.
    have a look at what they do. Answering your question has just given me No1 for my beautiful things today, thank you!

  3. So hard to choose just one isn’t it. I am with the Co-op bank and they recently sent some literature thorough with a bank statement on the lines of the Kiva loans. Since receiving that info we had given two small loans to help women with their business, it’s such a direct way to help isn’t it.
    Lisa x

    • I do not know what has been going on with my log in. I am so sorry I have been unable to leave a message. it has been sooooo frustrating.

      I to would give half to cancer research and the other half to dementia charities. Both have touched my life with very close family.

      That lady runner who died has brought people out and they are donating like crazy.

      there is also the side that if you are religious you are forfilling a part of most organised faiths. Charity also does begin at home. Hence we would all choose something close to our heart.

      Great post. So pleased that I can comment again, I dont know what went wrong with it…I am just pleased it works again. and the wow above was that it looked like it would allow me to comment.

  4. That’s a hard question!
    I already support a couple of cancer charities, mainly because of the people I have lost because of it (family and friends), so a lot of my £1m would go that cause. We also support Kiva – such a great idea – so I’d give to a few more projects.

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