A New Look

After a fab night out on Friday with friends, the rest of the weekend was just unspeakably revolting weather-wise.  It literally didn’t stop raining from when we got up on Saturday morning, until about 11 o’clock this morning (Monday) – no word of a lie.  So we stayed at home and got rather bored.  On the up side, Ashley finished decorating the breakfast room, and I’m really pleased with it – it’s nice to have a splash of colour downstairs after years of white walls.

So in the absence of anything of interest to say after my weekend of doing nothing, here are some photos of the new look:



14 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. No car boot sale? You are a lightweight! That green is the same colour as our lounge…….I chose it and now hate it. Find it far too cold for our room which doesn´t get any sun.

  2. I LOVE the green and also like the retro feel wallpaper. It all goes smashing! Interior designers watch out!

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