Back Again

First of all, thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post – each and every one was very much appreciated.

You will notice, no doubt, astute readers that you are, that it has been considerably less than the fortnight’s break I mentioned in my last post, but I had a lot of time to think over the weekend, as I went to visit my parents  and hence spent a long time in the car by myself.

I’ve decided that I WILL carry on writing the blog – I just can’t let it go.  Posts will be less frequent, and I think it will return to its original diary-style roots – that’s the plan at the moment, anyway.

There won’t be any more Frock It, I’m afraid – latterly, I haven’t enjoyed writing those posts, so it’s got to go.  Car Booty will definitely continue – not least because it’s a jolly useful record to have, and one that I refer to frequently.

I’m also going to re-start Friday 5 (a series I did, with several other bloggers, a couple of years ago – you can use the category selector on the right hand sidebar if you want to see the old posts).

I’ll continue with occasional Journal Jar questions as well, and no doubt there’ll be odd rant or two when something’s got my back up.  But the main thing is that if I don’t feel like writing anything at all for a period of time, then I won’t.

There’s a Bank Holiday car boot sale tomorrow morning, so if I can peel myself out of bed early enough, I shall be back with photos of my shopping then.


12 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. A bit yesssssssssssssssssssss and a little aahh to see the demise of Frockit. But glad to see that you have recovered your zest for life (tried to think of the French but it wouldn´t reach the little grey cells).

  2. Glad to hear you are hanging around!! I know exactly what you mean though!! I have been the worst blogger ever for the last few months and I dont really know why because I am still reading everyone elses blogs!! But I will be back…………sometime! Fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow for your booty!!

  3. YAY! I think you have a great plan for the blog. I always liked your Friday 5, and look forward to seeing it back regularly. I loved your Frock It posts, but they seemed like they might have taken a lot of effort/time to pull together, so I can understand why they didn’t make your cut. So happy the time to contemplate brought you here.

    • cant make it comment on my own again. dont know what I am doing wrong, so I will do this as a reply…

      Yay, So pleased *does a happy dance*

  4. Hi caroline, often feel like I shouldn’t be reading your blog as I actually know you, but please keep writing as I LOVE reading your thoughts, selfishly, it makes me feel more ‘ normal’ , ( and envious of your beautiful holidays, * eye’s skyward, you lucky cow,* )
    Sarah xxx
    p.s. how are you coping with Will , is he 13 yet? Ella is and it’s hell on earth, my god is she moody!!!

  5. Yeeeeeah! Very pleased you’re staying put. And you only post what YOU want to – otherwise it’s just like school home work all over again……

  6. So glad to hear that you are going to continue your blog. Yes, it’s a good idea to just write when you feel like it. After all, it’s your blog and you can do what you want! Thanks for continuing it because I got used to reading it and love it. Frock It will be missed but glad you’re still going to write about your great adventures in car booting.

  7. So glad you’re staying! Hope you had a fab weekend! It’s been ages since i went booting, hopefully I can live through your finds until the weather cheers up in the Midlands! x

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