Mid-Week Musings

I find myself increasingly obsessed by the weather – almost every post I’ve written recently seems to refer to it.  How very tedious!  For the record, less rain so far this week, and more sun – but it’s still not very warm.

I’ve been putting off sorting out my summer clothes and shoes for what feels like weeks now – once again, probably the fault of the weather – but decided to make a start this morning.  After spending a fruitless half hour searching for the (large) box of summer shoes that Ashley got out of the loft for me weeks ago, I can only assume he’s returned it from whence it came, as I cannot locate it anywhere!  In the meantime, here is a picture of the shoes currently in my wardrobe (not including boots or any of my summer sandals).

Yep, I’d say I’ve got a bit of a problem.  In my defence, many of them are car boot or charity shop buys.  But I do need to get rid of a few pairs.

Further evidence of my weather obsession can be seen in my Instagram pictures this week – all taken at home (though I did slightly doctor the pink sky one)


And just to prove I do think of things other than the weather, here are some of my other Instagram pics from the last week:

From top left: Village church tower which I can see from my office window as I type this; trying on my car boot purchase for size (they fit fine!); bluebells and buttercups at school; Friday night cocktail; Tuesday had a red, white and blue theme running through it; sorting out a box from the loft, I came upon some of Ashley’s old LP collection (was rather sad we don’t still have a turntable in working order so I could listen to some of them!)

In other news this week, I’ve just started reading the ubiquitous and much-hyped Fifty Shades of Grey.  Many have billed it as the new Twilight, but I don’t really see a comparison myself.  I listened to E L James, the author, interviewed on Woman’s Hour recently, and was interested to hear that a film is being made of the trilogy.  So far (150 pages in), I’d say that the writing is pretty appalling but the characters and storyline definitely have me hooked.

I’ve had an EXCELLENT week on eBay this week, which is good, as it seems to be taking up a lot of my time at the moment.  I’m rather looking forward to my usual summer break from it come July and August.

William is revising hard for his exams, which start next week.  Although he’s always had end of year exams, it seems to be taken far more seriously now he’s in Year 7 (senior school), and he’s made himself a revision timetable and been working till late in the evening since the beginning of the week.    I was interested to read on somebody’s blog this week how horrified they were that their 11 year old is being subjected to SATs tests.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that a bit of pressure can only be a good thing, and William has always seemed to take it in his stride.  I think it’s good to get them used to the formality and importance of taking exams and tests as early as possible as, let’s face it, that is how our society measures your success at the end of your education.  Although these days it seems that far more in the way of coursework is taken into account when it comes to your final marks than it was in my day.

Anyway, time to step off my soapbox, tidy my shoes away and have some lunch.


12 thoughts on “Mid-Week Musings

  1. Very apt this post as have been wondering what shoes to pack for UK next week when it sounds so cold and rainy!
    So intrigued about 50 shades but haven’t heard anyone I KNOW rave about it…….
    Those sky photos are amazing!!

    Good that W is not freaking about exams as some kids do…. you have to get into the habit of them with the GCSE process in UK, like it or not….

    And you’re English… you’re SUPPOSED to go on about the weather 🙂

  2. Shoes, cannot believe you have so many…….I do like the blue striped ones and the turquoise pair tucked away near the back. Sooooooooo my favourite colour.

    Photos are good particularly like the pink sky. I do want a smartphone just really to get this app! Bluebells so lovely.

    We have loads of LP´s with nothing to play them on very frustrating.

    Fifty Shades of Grey the new Twilight. Rubbish. The Serenity series (Alone, Buried, Captured) by Marissa holds that title and far better written! Sorry had to get that plug in!

    Oh and lastly I have organised some better weather for you with my magic wand!!

      • I think Marissa has now given in and started to read it. She did put something on Facebook about it. I picked it up at the airport as from the title I thought it was a thriller!

  3. Wow, you have alot of shoes! And they are all very pretty too. Loved your sky photos. Although I agree with you that kids have to get used to being tested in this society, it’s hard on some of them. Some kids can take tests and do well and others are so terrified that they tend to get overly anxious and can’t concentrate even though they might be very good students. They don’t do well under that kind of pressure. I’ve known kids who were top students but when it came down to being tested, they just got themselves so worked up over the test that they didn’t do as well as they should have.

    • I think it’s also to do with how the whole test/exam thing is presented to kids by teachers/school. If they keep it very low key and don’t put too much emphasis on the fact they’re being ‘tested’, I think most kids will react OK. Also, if they’re used to being tested from a young age, so it just becomes a normal part of education. Although I agree with you that it’s not a system that will suit everybody.

  4. I have to say that after reading your blog for so long it wasn’t a shock to see all those pairs of shoes!! I’m sure you love them all!!
    I haven’t heard of that book, but then I don’t think I would be tempted, we watched half of the first Twilight movie and spent far too much time laughing at time, thought it was a huge pile of rubbish!
    Lisa x

  5. What a hoard! This should encourage me to sort out my own shoes and summer clothes but the weather’s so foul I feel I’ll be in thermal vests for ever.

  6. That is some shoe collection!! Imelda Marcus has nothing on you!!!!!

    So tell me more, what are you making of Fifty? I finished the second one this morning and will be heading out for the third and final instalment later!

    Victoria xxx

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