Conversation Over Dinner

Ashley’s phone bleeps.

Ashley: Oooh, Caroline, your Mum’s obviously got wifi again, she’s taken her go at Scrabble with me.

Me:   For heaven’s sake, she only arrived at her villa in Spain half an hour ago, has she got nothing better to do with her time?!  The pair of you are obsessed!

William:  Careful Mum, Granny’ll ground you if you say stuff like that.


4 thoughts on “Conversation Over Dinner

  1. Love it ! From your Scrabble obsessed Mother in Spain. (I don’t think Ashley was so pleased when I used his word ZEN to make ZENITH on a triple word score!!!)

  2. What could possibly be better to do with your time than play Scrabble? LOL I am irritated at the moment that my phone app no longer seems to chime or put up the icon when my opponent has played. That plus me continually letting the phone charge run down has made my play pretty sporadic.

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