Friday 5: Things I’m Looking Forward To About The Summer Holidays

Every year, my sister-in-law Amanda writes on Facebook on the first day of the summer hols “One day down, 63 days to go” (or words to that effect).   It wasn’t so very long ago that I used to kind of dread the long 9-week school summer holidays, but over the last few years, I’ve started to really look forward to  the end of term in July, so this week I thought I’d list some of my reasons why.

1.         No alarm clock = no nagging!  There can’t be a mother in the land who doesn’t spend at least some portion of every schoolday morning saying, on repeat:

“Hurry Up!  Have you cleaned your teeth/put your homework in your schoolbag/brushed your hair/made your bed?  Eat up your breakfast, or we’re going to be late!”

Or is that just me?  No?  Thought not!

So, although I’m an early riser by nature, I always look forward to the more laid-back start to the day, and as Will gets older, he loves the lie-ins.


2.         No Very Little Work!

As I’m lucky enough to work in a school, I don’t work during the summer holidays.  And I always scale my eBay sales right back during the school holidays as well.


3.         Spending Time With Will

As he gets older, despite the odd pre-teen tantrum, Will is great company and we have loads of fun together.  We both love the cinema, the library and/or bookshops, going out for walks, cooking, and he even enjoys coming to car boot sales with me sometimes (though not so much the early starts!).


4.         Holidays

Over the last few years, we’ve evolved into a pattern of a fortnight in Greece at the start of the summer hols, and 10-days in Spain with my parents at the end.  Lucky us!  We’re doing this again this year, and as usual, I’m really looking forward to it.


5.         Back To School Again

Because there’s only so much leisure time a person can have before it becomes tedious!  Nine weeks is plenty, and despite having really enjoyed the hols, I do breathe a sigh of relief when September rolls around and it’s time to get back to work and back to my daily routines.


4 thoughts on “Friday 5: Things I’m Looking Forward To About The Summer Holidays

  1. Haha yes the school holidays mean to me-

    Trying to juggle child care while I work – the guilt I feel about asking eats into me.

    Trying to keep two children of different ages and sexes entertained without spending any or little money.

    Listening to the endless bickering about who’s watching what on TV.

    Having a continuous supplying of students to feed 3 times a day.

    Trying to keep the house in any kind of order – a garden full of boys playing football will no doubt mean another broken window, muddy handprints all up the walls and wee all over the toilet seats.

    No time for the gym.

    OMG I’m starting to develop a nervous twitch!

  2. I’m with you on the lie ins. I wonder how much time T will want to spend with us this summer now he’s at senior school.
    Lisa x

  3. Pretty much agree with you, I love it when the kids are off and I’ve learnt to enjoy every minute with Charlie as I know from my three girls how quickly they grow up x

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