Not Sorry To See The Back of England

Today was supposed to be William’s last day of school, a class outing to Exeter, kayaking in Exeter Canal amongst other activities.  However, he’s been laid low with a rotten cold and sore throat all weekend, and when this morning dawned (and I use the word ‘dawned’ loosely) cold and pouring with yet more rain, I decided that bearing in mind we’re off on our hols tomorrow, I didn’t think spending today getting cold and soaking was a great plan.  So he’s downstairs on the Xbox, slaying dragons or some such, but at least he’s not soaking wet, shivering and sneezing in Exeter.

Can’t say that I wasn’t a tiny bit pleased this morning when the weather forecaster on GMTV assured us that the weather is not going to show much of an improvement over the next couple of weeks, as I would have been livid to have suffered through this God-awful excuse for a summer that we’ve had so far, only to have the sunshine arrive here just as I was leaving for a fortnight!  Selfish, I know ….

The packing’s almost done, Freddy the tortoise has gone off on his holidays to stay with Diane, Ashley’s PA, while we’re away, and I’ve bought a mountain of Whiskas and Iams to see the cats through the next 14 days. Unfortunately my arrangement with the next door neighbour’s teenage daughter who used to feed the cats for us while we’re away has had to come to an end after I received an outrageous email from her father last time she fed them, asking why I hadn’t paid her yet  (I’d been ill, and it was only about three days since we’d got back.  I usually pay her the day after we get back), and suggesting that I pay her in advance in future!!!  Also referred to the payment as a ‘token gift’.  Bearing in mind I pay her £25 if we’re away for a fortnight for what probably amounts to about 7 minutes’ work a day, and she’s only 14, I was quite offended.  Anyway, I don’t want to fall out with the neighbours, and he obviously had a bee in his bonnet about it, so I thought it safer to get someone else to do it.  Much as I love my pets, getting them looked after every time we go away is such a pain, specially as we go away so much.

Anyway, I digress.

We’re off tomorrow morning, having lunch with my parents on the way, and staying overnight at Gatwick before an early flight Wednesday morning.  See you all soon x


8 thoughts on “Not Sorry To See The Back of England

  1. Hope you have a great holiday. Too bad about your neighbor. Wonder why he was so concerned about his daughter’s “pay”? It’s not like you didn’t pay her in the past. You just never know what’s up with some people. Maybe he was having a bad day. Well,have loads of fun and I’m sure you’ll have great weather.

  2. Lucky you!!! Even if the weather was nice here, you would still be doing the everyday routine things – ironing, shopping, housework etc etc…………nothing like a holiday to get away from it all! I couldnt see where you were going but hope you have a lovely time!

  3. Cor neighbours, whatever happened to looking out for each other. I feed and fuss two lots of cats during family holidays and am currently taking a walk round the outside of another neighbours house every day to make sure its fine while they are away, if only I lived near you. Anyway have a lovely holiday without this sauna type weather we are (not) enjoying at the moment.

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