Sunday Car Booty

Sunday again already, and although the rest of the country seems to be having the best weather of the summer this weekend, Devon remains dull, damp and unpleasant – and very muggy.  This morning’s boot sale was at the race course, and was one of the biggest so far this year.  Inordinate amounts of tat to sift through, as ever, but finding the good bits among the rubbish is what it’s all about, really!

Here’s today’s shopping:

Green Gap hoodie for Will, £2 – in lovely condition.

White Stuff linen dress, White Stuff lambswool cardigan and Monsoon pink beaded cardigan, £5 the lot

M&S Porfolio blue shoes (brand new) £3, Black & Red Clarks Active Air shoes £2 each, Baby Reebok trainers 50p

Stripper shoes!  £1!

2 beanie soft toys for my mother for the orphans’ Christmas boxes she does every year, £1.50.  Cross stitch kit 50p.

Lip gloss kit, brand new 50p – great Xmas pressie for my niece.  Chilli Pepper brand new boxed giftset 50p.  3 x Virgin Vie bronzer products, £1 each.

Right, time for a vegetarian sausage sandwich and a quick squizz at the weather forecast to see if we’re likely to get drenched if we attempt a walk later on this morning.  Judging by the look of the sky, it’s almost a certainty, I’d say!










5 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Great haul, loving the stripper shoes lol lol , the lip glosses are a bargain and they look really nice colours too. x Dawn

  2. You did so much better than me – must have been over 100 sellers and I ended up with ONE dress – was lovely though – Laura Ashley in a bright blue floral linen – £2.00 – what a thoughtful and kind woman your mum sounds like! 🙂

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