Five Things That Are Annoying Me Today

1.  My hopelessly unreliable broadband.  The speed is up and down like a whore’s drawers, if you’ll pardon the expression.  One minute it’s fine, the next it’s completely dead.  Tesco, my broadband supplier, blame BT: ‘It’s a problem at your local exchange, love’.  BT, unsurprisingly, blame Tesco: ‘No problems with your line, madam, contact your internet service provider”.  And so it goes on.

2.   Christmas cards in August.  I went into a card shop to purchase a birthday card yesterday, and there was a HUGE display of Christmas cards.   Before the kids have even gone back to school.  WTF?!


3.   Lack of housework and mess everywhere.  At this stage of the summer holidays, I always feel a bit like this, sort of like the post Christmas/New Year feeling.  I’m looking forward to getting back to normal routine and getting my house clean and tidy again!

4.   Posing photos on Facebook.  Is it really necessary to put a whole bunch of photos of yourself on Facebook like this one?  Is it not just a little bit vain and showy-offy, even if you’ve got a lovely figure? (Dreadful skin, though.  Dreadful.  Just saying.)


Oh, and she’s not the only one.

I get that teenagers like to publish this sort of pic of themselves, but these are both women in their late 30s.  Get a grip.

5.   I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.  Not pertaining to the above picture in any way, I hasten to add.  Ashley started singing this on Saturday, a propos of nothing, and it’s been going round inside my head ever since.  JUST.  GO.  AWAY.

What’s bugging you at the moment?




7 thoughts on “Five Things That Are Annoying Me Today

  1. Well, the first thing that is bugging me now is I’ve got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts!! 🙂
    But seriously… I am in total agreement with number 2 and 4. So far I haven’t seen any Christmas cards (but when I do, if it is before the middle of November, I will be very annoyed), but something that DOES bug me is ‘Back to School’ departments in the shops well before the schools even broke up for the summer!

  2. Ha ha ha @ the song lol , I agree with the women posing it is just a desperate attempt to get followers to emphasis on desperate , there was an item on TV testing broadbands speeds and it found a lot of providers not delivering the speeds you are paying for and they do pass the buck.
    things that are bugging me today are
    1. When job hunting (I am looking for part time work) is the page upon page of commision only catalogue distribution jobs,(Kleeneeze) I reset the search so many times, do they pay to be on those sites? bugger off!
    2. The weather, it is muggy but really overcast , so what do you wear? I am a woman of a ceratin age and have warm moments so can’t wear heavy clothing , jackets are a no no for me so I wear a short sleeved cardigan, no one needs to see the tops of my arms! and I have to take an umbrealla everywhere, have we lost our sunny Summers for good?
    3. Food shopping…if I have to try to navigate around a group of people chatting in the middle of the aisles later I will scream…..go for a coffee and a nice long chat but don’t do it in the cooked meats section of Tesco!
    4. Street collectors and canvassers, it is like a minefield out there, I give to charity when I can and actually fundraise for certain charities and being stopped in the street asking me to set up a direct debit for a number of large charities really bugs me, if I want to give money i will and you shoving your clipboard in my face does nothing to entice me, I hope that doesn’t sound uncharitable but they really p me off!
    5. My lack of enthusiasm for cleaning and organising my home, I am going through a can’t be arsed phase and today I promised myself I would drag my butt away from the computer , mobile or TV and do something towards getting the house in order, my washing is mounting up, I have dust bunnies under my bed and I just don’t really care….I am really going to try to get into a routine and reward my hardwork by sessions on the computer.
    x Dawn

  3. Oh yes I can agree with the housework one. I don’t want to stress and aggro of the ‘normal routine’ but at the same time I do want the tidiness!
    Thing bugging me today is wondering how much fixing the car exhaust and having it MOT’d will cost.
    Lisa x

  4. If I sing that tune later today you’ll hear from me! The Internet issue drives me MAD. We had problems for over a year. They agreed to lay a new cable to our house but then the ground was frozen for 6 months….. oh technology….
    We have some Xmas stuff here…..
    Don’t even get me started on FB bikini poses!!!!

  5. Xmas cards at any time annoy me, bloody useless waste of time. I’m in the midst of a serious housecleaning blitz due to a blogging buddy from the States coming to stay, it’s triggered off the most horrendous eye allergy and it better be gone soon or I’ll be in the pub at the weekend in sunglasses, rain or not. x

  6. Oooo, I was JUST listening to a story on NPR about how Facebook and other social media have turned people into shameless show offs…showing photos and statuses that they would never share in face to face contacts with people. Theory is that they are in denial of how their info is received by others…whereas face to face they’d have to actually SEE the eye rolling of the other party. LOL

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