August Clothes Shopping

Time to have a look at my purchases during August – which were rather thrifty if I do say so myself!

I saw this gorgeous kimono style top on the H&M website back at the beginning of the summer, and bookmarked it as I thought it would look lovely over a black swimsuit on holiday.  However, I couldn’t really justify spending £19.99 on it, as I have plenty of similar throw-over-a-swimsuit type things. I found the link again, having completely forgotten about it, while I was clearing out my bookmarks in August, and was delighted to find it reduced to £5.99 – AND still available in my size!  So I snapped it up forthwith, adding a pair of oversized sunglasses, also reduced.  Total, including a small discount code, and postage and packing, £10.88 for the two items.


My next purchase was a pair of shoes.  I’ve already got these shoes in navy, and just love them, so when I saw them reduced in the Peacocks sale to half price, I just had to have the red ones as well.  At £10, they are a total bargain, and look far more expensive.  The first time I wore the red ones, two separate people stopped me in Sainsbury’s to admire them!  Best of all, despite the heel, they are very comfy and I can happily wear them all day.

Lastly in August, I found this rather nice grey printed tunic top/dress in the sale in Asda while I was picking up some groceries, and as it’s super-lightweight, I picked it up, thinking it would be perfect for my hols in Spain.  I paid £8 (original price £16), though was rather miffed to find it on the Asda website two days later, reduced again to £4.  Unfortunately when I tried it on, I didn’t much like myself in it, so I didn’t end up taking it to Spain after all.  Perhaps I’ll warm to it a bit more when I’ve lost a bit of weight.

So, total spend for August was only £28.88!!  Amazingly little, I thought!



4 thoughts on “August Clothes Shopping

  1. That top is very pretty.
    How lovely to be stopped and complimented on your shoes! I do like Peacocks, they do some nice things and they do reduce items well in the sale too which is even better!
    Lisa x

  2. Oh I do feel dreadful Caroline. I thought you had stopped writing your blog but now I see you decided to continue it in May!! My apologies, will be reading regularly in future.

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