Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

Although I decided to retire my regular Frock It posts earlier this year, I still love to rip apart mercilessly have a good gander at what the famous are wearing, so I thought I’d start an occasional series with one good and one bad look from the world of fashion.

This week’s ‘good’ is Christina Ricci’s pretty pastel summer dress, accessorised with simple black – you can’t go wrong with a Chanel handbag really, can you?  I loved Christina in the TV series Pan Am earlier this year, and this outfit somehow has a vintage feel about it which reminds me a bit of that (it was set in the 60s.  Sadly they aren’t making a second series.)

Dear oh dear oh dear, Iman, erstwhile supermodel and person-known-by-only-one-name.  Whilst you might look very good indeed for somebody of 57, this dress and those shoes (showing off your nasty bunion, I notice), are doing you no favours.  You look like a failed auditionee from TOWIE.  Dreadful.






9 thoughts on “Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

  1. So glad to see a temporary return to Frockit. I do like the little summer dress but didn´t have a clue who the actress was. A little odd looking far too thin. Nice dress but black handbag and shoes – no. Much better in a pastel colour. Iman – is she the one married to David Bowie? Ghastly daahling. Note to oneself do not wear leather/plastic when you are over 20.

  2. loved the post and agreed with everything you said , love the pretty floral dress but oh dear me Iman, what was she thinking ? x Dawn

  3. Christina looks pretty but think the black handbag looks too heavy with the pastels. As for Iman, she looks like a streetwalker! Keep those bunions covered, they are not attractive.

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