My Life In Instagram

I’ve been sent these Pharmaton Active Life pills to try out by Bzzagent – apparently they’ll give me lots of energy.  Hasn’t happened yet!

Went to see Anna Karenina at the cinema last week.  Although the story was told in quite an odd way (think part-musical, part film, part stage play), it was visually beautiful and I enjoyed it.

Reg was feeling rather under the weather last week, and spent almost all his time dozing on the stairs.  He seems to have perked up now, though.

The blue and green bowl my brother and SIL gave me for my birthday goes perfectly with the new decor in the breakfast room.

Treated myself to a new Clarins lipgloss after losing 5 lbs last week.

When Ashley cleaned out the hot tub last weekend, I’m not sure this is what was meant to happen …


Ashley bought me flowers because he felt guilty leaving me alone at the weekend while he and Will went camping.  Ahh, bless!

Healthy (and totally delicious) steak dinner.

Still laughing at this birthday card from William.

Playing on the rope swing during a walk along the river at Bovey Tracy.

Gorgeous early morning sky taken from my bedroom window.

My current mid-morning tea of choice.






14 thoughts on “My Life In Instagram

  1. ooooh. I don’t ‘get’ Instagram but I love all your photos. What is the caffeine content of the tablets I wonder? Seeing as most ‘pick you up’ things over here are caffeine heavy… just wondering.

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