50 Small Organising Projects

1.         Desk.

2.         Sewing basket

3.         Airing cupboard (Jan)

4.         Present wrapping drawer

5.         Underwear drawer (Feb)

6.         Jewellery (Mar)

7.         Make-Up Drawer (Feb)

8.         Bathroom  cupboard (Apr)

9.         Medicine cabinet (Jan)

10.       Stationery box (Mar)

11.       Filing drawer 1. (Apr)

12.       Filing drawer 2. (Apr)

13.       Cutlery drawer. (Apr)

14.       Kitchen food cupboard. (Feb)

15.       Magazine rack. (Jan)

16.       Winters coats/scarves/gloves. (Mar)

17.       Noticeboard. (Jan)

18.       Bookcase. (Mar)

19.       DVDs/games boxes. (Apr)

20.       Kitchen Food Cupboard.

21.       Cupboard under sink. (Mar)

22.       Shoes.

23.       Kitchen Cupboard. (Apr)

24.       Fridge 1.

25.       Freezer 1. (Mar)

26.       Freezer 2. (Mar)

27.       Spare bedroom chest of drawers.

28.       Sewing basket/box.

29.       Stacking crates in upstairs cupboard.

30.       My wardrobe.

31.       A clothes drawer (Mar)

32.       A clothes drawer.

33.       Will’s wardrobe. (Feb)

34.       Will’s clothes drawers.

35.       Will’s toy cupboard.

36.       Will’s books. (Apr)

37.       Photos on computer.

38.       Documents on computer.

39.       Favourite bookmarks on computer.

40.       Blog. (Jan)

41.       Sideboard drawers.

42.       Sideboard in dining room.

43.       A kitchen cupboard. (Apr)

44.       Fridge 2.

45.       Ebay cupboard. (Feb)

46.       Atrium desk. (Feb)

47.       Office bookcase.

48.       Kitchen cupboard.

49.       Utility room cupboards.

50.       Kitchen drawer.


4 thoughts on “50 Small Organising Projects

  1. When you’ve done all yours……..

    there are people who do this organising lark as a full time job. About $60 an hour!

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  3. You have a lot of projects to do, good luck with them, I too am tring to be super organised, I am quite good but since having Emily I have let a few things slip and John goes balistic every time he goes in the cupboard under the sink….it is a mess!
    Here’s to a clutter free year x Dawn

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