About Me


Welcome to my blog!

I’m Caroline – I live in converted barn in a village in South Devon, with my husband Ashley, our 11-year-old son William, and our two cats, Ron & Reg.

I started writing a blog in mid-2008, really as an online diary for myself, but then people started reading (I still can’t believe people are interested in what I have to say!) and I have made lots of lovely friends through blogging.

I love to cook, and I adore reading and watching movies, and you’ll find a fair amount of this in my blog.  I also strive to be greener and more thrifty, and to declutter my home and my life generally, and also to lose weight and get fitter – and I write about my adventures trying to achieve all of these things.  And sometimes I write about totally off-the-wall things that have just taken my fancy.

Home is where my heart is: welcome to my world.


20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. so how are you finding wordpress? do you have to pay for it? everyone seems to be going to wordpress these days! I like the new layout.

    • Hi Mo – am loving WordPress – particularly the ability to have different pages for different things. Took me a good few hours to sort out moving everything across, and get the layout how I wanted it, but I think it’s worth it now it’s done.

  2. I surfed into your blog from Angie in Yanchep. Really enjoyed it. I used to live in a small village in South Devon before I met my husband and moved to the US 33 years ago. Just wanted to say hello.

    • Hi Denise – thanks for visiting – it’s always lovely to read comments from new visitors. Small world re the village in Devon thing – were you anywhere near Newton Abbot by any chance?

  3. I lived along the ring road in Marldon 🙂 Sorry I am so late getting back to you but am just getting back to normal after son’s wedding. When I went back home my Dad always picked us up at the Newton Abbot train station. We would fly into Healthrow and catch the train down from Reading. I always knew I was getting closer to home when I would be able to see the ocean.

  4. Hiya Caroline

    I am pretty new to this blog thing. It’s been really interesting starting to read what other women are interested in. I used to be a big ebayer and have really got to get back into selling again. You have inspired me to get back on it!


    • Hi Tracey – thanks for visiting my blog. I love selling on Ebay – I make quite a good amount of money from it now, and I’m my own boss! What could be better? Hope you get back into the swing of selling again soon. Caroline x

  5. Hi Caroline,

    Your blog is absolutely amazing. I stumbled on it a couple of weeks back and have been hooked ever since. I envy you for your car boot sales. I wish we had them here in India too 😦 😦

    Anyways, your blog has inspired me to write again, which I’ll soon (hopefully)

    Thanks for the boost..
    P.S. Your book list is impressive. I think one of the first things that I plan to do is create my own 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Just came across you on Twitter when I was looking for people who are into candles. We have sold Lily Flame candles for some years now but have recently started selling more of the new Bomb Cosmetics candles. They are packaged very similarly to Lily Flame but last for 10 hours longer (45 hours versus 35 hours for Lily Flame) and they cost the same from our web site … just £6.25 per candle. You can see the whole range here :-


    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this – I don’t intend to do the hard sell but we really think Bomb candles are nicer than Lily Flame and better value !

    Regards, Andrew.

  7. Hi -I was googling red Satin ballet flats and the search brought me to your blog. You have a paid of gorgeous red ones with long laces. What brand are they? I’d love to find them on line!

    Rebecca from NY

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