Sunday Car Booty

It’s rather quiet at What’sHappeningAtMyHouse Towers this morning, as Ashley & William went camping on Dartmoor yesterday and haven’t yet returned.  If I hadn’t been battling a terrible headache for the last two days, I’d probably be making the most of the peace and quiet, and enjoying being in charge of the remote!

At first glance, I didn’t think this morning’s car boot was going to be much cop, but despite the fact it was rather small, it yielded more treasure than I was expecting.

Zara red snakeskin sandals, Tammy Girl red Mary Janes, River Island black stilettoes – £1 each.

M&S turquoise linen skirt £1, Black satin heels (brand new) £1.50, Travel Scrabble 50p.

L to R: Per Una top £1, Laura Ashley top £1, Mini Boden sweatshirt £1.50.

D&G boxed toddler jelly shoes – £3

Di Palomo Bath Elixir £1, Strawberries & Cream Body butter (yum!) 50p .

Flippers 50p (really pleased with these, as Will has grown out of his and needs new ones for the Caribbean next month), Nike trainers £1, Emu Australia toddler boots £2.50 (any great tips for cleaning grubby suede boots lined with wool?)


Red Converse, as new, £7.  Not my thing, but they seem immensely popular these days.

I am seriously considering going back to bed for a couple of hours – the weather’s not looking very promising, and I don’t have any pressing engagements ….







Sunday Car Booty

It was all about the clothes and shoes at this morning’s boot sale.  Am definitely struggling these days to find as many bargainous gems as I used to.  Sign of the times, I guess.

Nine West mules, Kurt Geiger Heels and Jane Shilton brogues, all in immaculate condition, £1 each.

Brand new Hotter shoes £2, kids’ Adidas trainers £1.25.

Gorgeous knee high Bronx suede boots (GUTTED they aren’t my size) £7, Hobbs polka dot scarf 20p, Clarks kids shoes £1, Clarks ladies shoes £2.

Per Una turquoise bolero £1, Salt Rock summer dress £2, Clarks Doodles £1.25, Next red flats £1.50.


Boho/hippy skirt £1, white top (for me) 50p, Wallis gilet £1.50.

Quiet Sunday planned here, think I’ll wash the sofa throws as today looks to be last day of decent drying weather for a while.  It’s all rock’n’roll here, I tell ya!





Sunday Car Booty

Sunday again already, and although the rest of the country seems to be having the best weather of the summer this weekend, Devon remains dull, damp and unpleasant – and very muggy.  This morning’s boot sale was at the race course, and was one of the biggest so far this year.  Inordinate amounts of tat to sift through, as ever, but finding the good bits among the rubbish is what it’s all about, really!

Here’s today’s shopping:

Green Gap hoodie for Will, £2 – in lovely condition.

White Stuff linen dress, White Stuff lambswool cardigan and Monsoon pink beaded cardigan, £5 the lot

M&S Porfolio blue shoes (brand new) £3, Black & Red Clarks Active Air shoes £2 each, Baby Reebok trainers 50p

Stripper shoes!  £1!

2 beanie soft toys for my mother for the orphans’ Christmas boxes she does every year, £1.50.  Cross stitch kit 50p.

Lip gloss kit, brand new 50p – great Xmas pressie for my niece.  Chilli Pepper brand new boxed giftset 50p.  3 x Virgin Vie bronzer products, £1 each.

Right, time for a vegetarian sausage sandwich and a quick squizz at the weather forecast to see if we’re likely to get drenched if we attempt a walk later on this morning.  Judging by the look of the sky, it’s almost a certainty, I’d say!









Sunday Car Booty

I’ve noticed during the last six months or so that there’s a general trend at car boot sales of more tat and fewer bargains.  At one point this morning, I thought I might come home empty-handed – that would be a first!  However, I picked up a few bits and bobs, and came home just after 8, as the rain was starting.

Bulaggi handbag – £3.50.  Not my cup of tea, but I’m sure somebody will love it.

New Look pinkish heels £1, Next black evening shoes £2.

Nike trainers £3.50, like new; M&S gold flats £2, Hush Puppies girls’ school shoes £1

Per Una jeans £1, Boots No 7 cleaners x 2 – £1 each, Baylis & Harding giftset £1.

I’ve noticed a couple of other bloggy car booters haven’t had much luck these last few months, either – does anybody else think that there’s a trend towards there being less good stuff at car boots?  Of course, the weather hasn’t helped much this  year, I guess.

Anyway, plans for this dull and damp Sunday are few and far between.  Some reading, a sausage sandwich for breakfast, laundry and ironing possibly, and the Olympics Closing Ceremony in glorious 3D later on this evening – I knew that the 3D TV Ashley insisted we ‘needed’ 18 months ago would eventually come in handy!






Sunday Car Booty

Best bootsale weather of the year so far this morning – blue skies and sunshine.  Long may it continue.

And everybody was in a good mood as well – amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to lift the spirits, isn’t it?

Without further ado, and because I want to get out into the garden and make the most of the weather, here is today’s shopping:

It was very much a ‘shoe’ morning: Hush Puppies black leather boots £1.50, vintage 80s Gina heels £1, M&S slingbacks £1.

Pristine vintage travel Chess & Draughts set (think the pieces may be Bakelite).  £1.

Next turquoise shawl style cardi – £1.

Thierry Mugler ‘Angel’ shower gel and body lotion giftset £3, Next Spa giftset £1


Brand new Converse All Stars (bought for Will, but he doesn’t seem keen) £9, M&S brand new leather ballet pumps £3

Two pairs of M&S Autograph brand new shoes, £2.50 each.

Yes, definitely a shoe day!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and make the most of the lovely weather x






Sunday Car Booty

It wasn’t your usual Sunday morning in our house today, as Ashley is running the Torbay Half Marathon this morning, so was up far earlier than he normally would be.  Added to which, when I woke up at around 6.45, it was pouring with rain, so there was no point rushing out to the car boot sale at all.

Ashley left just before 8, and I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed with my book, by which time the rain had temporarily stopped, so I decided I would venture out and see whether the car boot sale was on.  I persuaded Will to come with me (he is his mother’s child, and enjoys a good rummage at a boot sale) and we set out at about 8.30.

The bootsale was indeed on, although once again much reduced in size from what is normal for this time of year.  Only the most stalwart of sellers are prepared to brave the weather at the moment, it seems.  It was a successful morning’s shopping, though, and here’s what we brought home with us today:

Was rather pleased with this Dala Swedish horse, still with its original sticker, for only 50p.  The shower gel and Body Shop eye make up remover were each 50p as well.  I now have enough shower gel in stock for about a year, as I’m still working my way through lots I bought in a really good online Body Shop sale, and yesterday in Tesco I picked up several bottle of Lynx shower gel (both Ashley and William’s preferred brand) which was hugely reduced to £1 a bottle!

Rather cute vintage (?) Oxo tin – full up with seed packets dated in the 1980s! 50p

Clarks toddler trainers, boxed, £1

Nine West wedges and Faith wedges, £1 each.  Faith ones are brand new.

Amazing leopard and snakeskin (faux, obvs!) Primark heels £1.50, Evans leather sandals £1 – both brand new.

Wallis printed linen skirt, Animal white linen shorts, M&S black dress (brand new with tags), £2 each.

Set of Noddy skittles.  I have  a bit of a soft spot for Noddy, and I loved this set, which William pointed out.  £1.50.

Hobbs shopping bag – which will make a brilliant beach bag for my hols.  20p.  You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

William found himself a couple of ‘treasures’ as well.  He loved this brass letter opener, inscribed ‘Istanbul’, which he paid 50p for.  He c commented that as he doesn’t get many letters, he’ll probably use it for opening emails, which gave us both a giggle!!

And finally, Will also picked up this very intricate glass sailing ship for 75p.

Not a bad morning’s shopping.

My friend Faye is popping over shortly to borrow a handbag for her daughter’s graduation from Cambridge University (with a First – the clever thing!) shortly, so I’m looking forward to a coffee and a catch up with her.  Also awaiting a phone call from Ashley to say he has safely finished the marathon – I’m such a worrier!

Have a happy Sunday whatever your plans are – and let’s hope for a bit less rain and a bit more sunshine for the coming week!


Sunday Car Booty

Despite the dry and almost *whispers* sunny start to the morning, there was only a fraction of the number of sellers I’d expect at the big car boot sale at the racecourse in mid-June.  Must be equally disappointing for the organisers as for the buyers, I guess.

Anyway, I managed to pick up a few bits, and was home by 8 o’clock, so here’s what I bought:

Two pairs of jeans (one Next, one Per Una) £1 each, Winnie the Pooh Comforter £1

Floaties toddler swimsuit £1.25

Boy’s winter boots £1.25, vintage 80s Laura Ashley  pink shoes 50p

Shoes, shoes, shoes!  Wallis heels £2, New Look purple satin platforms £1.50, Next patent peep toes £1

Purple Monsoon girl’s dress (age 9, Glynis!) 50p.  This’ll be coming your way, Mum, as there is a tear in the back which requires the attention of a more expert seamstress than myself!

Next girl’s tunic top 50p, and another pair of amazing 70s-style Mini Boden flared trousers, also 50p.

And finally, a little something for ME!  Body butter 50p and New Look clogs £2.50.  Like I needed another pair of shoes – but hey, you can’t really say no at that price, can you?!