Celeb Fashion – Hits & Misses

Although I decided to retire my regular Frock It posts earlier this year, I still love to rip apart mercilessly have a good gander at what the famous are wearing, so I thought I’d start an occasional series with one good and one bad look from the world of fashion.

This week’s ‘good’ is Christina Ricci’s pretty pastel summer dress, accessorised with simple black – you can’t go wrong with a Chanel handbag really, can you?  I loved Christina in the TV series Pan Am earlier this year, and this outfit somehow has a vintage feel about it which reminds me a bit of that (it was set in the 60s.  Sadly they aren’t making a second series.)

Dear oh dear oh dear, Iman, erstwhile supermodel and person-known-by-only-one-name.  Whilst you might look very good indeed for somebody of 57, this dress and those shoes (showing off your nasty bunion, I notice), are doing you no favours.  You look like a failed auditionee from TOWIE.  Dreadful.





Frock It!

It’s been a while, but suddenly today the mood took me, and I decided to share a few of the outfits that have caught my eye of late.

The Royals have been out and about rather a lot over the last few weeks and for a change, it hasn’t been the Duchess of Cambridge who’s been catching my eye quite as much as usual.

The Queen chose this lovely pink outfit for a service to mark Commonwealth Day recently …

I think this colour suits her so well, and it’s lovely to see some nice brights after a long, dark winter.

The Duchess of Cornwall has been embracing some colour as well …

… and looked very stylish in purple at the same event.

Camilla seems to be becoming far more confident with her fashion choices, and I also really liked this navy and white combination she wore to the Queen Mother’s Memorial recently.

She carries off those big hats really well, I think.

Talking of hats, I noticed Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, wearing another hat in the sideways style she seems to rather like …

She’s rather fond of her neutrals, Sophie, and I don’t particularly like this outfit as it accentuates her waist, which isn’t really her best feature.  It would be nice to see her embrace some colour this year.

Moving on, Zara was looking glamorous at Cheltenham races a few weeks ago …

Managing to wrap up warm and still look fab – top marks!

My last Royal is Princess Beatrice, who attended a Maundy Thursday service at York Minster looking far better than I’ve seen her look for ages …

I don’t know if she’s taken a fashion lesson from her cousin’s wife, as this whole look is rather similar to some of Kate’s recent outfits, but I love the addition of the hat, which stops it looking too plain and severe …

Moving on, it’s a few weeks now since the Camerons’ US visit, but I must mention that Sam Cam looked so much better than usual.  I particularly liked the following two outfits …


She still needs something doing with her hair, though.  I really love Mrs O’s evening dress and statement necklace – just fabulous.

However, they were both overshadowed by Anna Wintour, US Vogue editor, who attended the same White House dinner in this elegant Chanel evening dress …

It was a nice surprise to see Paris Hilton, whose normal fashion choices look more like this …

… wearing this really pretty summer maxi dress recently …

I think this is the nicest thing I’ve ever seen her wear!

I haven’t seen an awful lot in the way of frocky horrors recently, but this one definitely makes the grade …

Alesha Dixon at the Britain’s Got Talent auditions.  Horrible dress, and horrible, horrible shoes.  Yuk.

Frock It wouldn’t be complete without a lovely evening dress, and although it’s a while back now, this is still one of my favourite dresses of the year so far – the lovely Cameron Diaz in Gucci at the Oscars …

Oh, I want that dress …..

Right, that’s it for another edition of Frock It.  Do you like my choices?  Or have I got it all wrong?  I’d love to know what you think.


Frock It!

There’s been a lot of celeb style to sift through over the last few weeks what with awards season and the new fashion collections, so you might want to make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea, as this is going to be rather a l-o-n-g post!

Firstly, must mention that I’m getting a bit sick of seeing QUITE so much cleavage.  The following three ladies would do well to remember that less is, sometimes, more.

Eva Longoria.  I do hope you had plenty of tape sticking that dress down, Eva.

Kelly Brook – not only is this dress revealing far more than I think is appropriate, it looks as though it’s squashing her terribly – is it even the right size?

Kate Winslet.  I actually quite like this Jenny Packham dress, other than the ridiculously low neckline.

Moving on, I thought we’d take a look at some of my favourite outfits worn by women over 40 recently.  Firstly, Melanie Griffith …


I thought she looked amazing in this deep red at the Goya Cinema Awards.  Although if I was married to Antonia Banderas, I’d probably be just as radiant as Melanie is!  Love the jewellery, too – just a great look altogether.  Best I’ve seen her looking for ages.

This was my absolute favourite of all the Oscar dresses on Sunday evening.  Never mind all the 20-somethings in their sequins and sparkles, I thought Glenn Close outdid them all in this green ensemble.

Helen Mirren attending the Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2012 show (for which she eschewed the Oscars this year, interestingly).  Fab dress and jacket for spring, love the leopard print shoes and handbag, and this is also a perfect example of how a haircut can take 15 years off you.  Go Helen!

And finally in my ‘older women’ section, Helena Bonham Carter recently went to Buckingham Palace to receive her CBE from the Queen …

Helena chose this Vivienne Westwood suit for the occasion, and although I’m not a fan of her ‘style’ as a rule, I loved the fact that with this fashion choice, she remained true to her somewhat , shall we say, ‘eclectic’ clothing choices, but still looked appropriate for the occasion.  And that hat is fab!

Let’s pause in the praise stakes for a minute to look at a couple of recent horrors:

Jasmine Guinness in a net creation that looks similar to something I had in my dressing up box back in the 70s.

Fergie at the BAFTAs in orange lace with unattractive underwear on display.  Yuk.

And Sam Cam hosting a reception at 10 Downing Street recently.  Now I have to say that I do like the fact Mrs C has embraced some colour for a change, so full marks for that, but the design of this dress is just so dated and dowdy.  I actually quite like Sam, she seems like a pleasant enough woman, but I really wish she’d do something with her hair and wear something less frumpy, as I think she’d look great.

Now, to end, a selection of my favourite dresses over the last few weeks.  In no particular order …


Abby Clancy at the Brits.  Apart from the fact that I have no idea why Abby (former model and current WAG) was at the Brit Awards, this was by far my favourite Brits outfit in an otherwise lacklustre fashion evening.  Love the whole 60s vibe thing she’s got going on.

Lily Collins at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.  I just love this dress – it’s a little bit different, and is a perfect example of not having to expose your chest/legs to look lovely.

I’m not a fan of Gwynneth – far too earnest and macrobiotic for my liking – but I thought her Oscars outfit was great.  A bit unusual and very elegant.  Top marks.

Octavia Spencer at the Oscars, showing us that larger ladies can look just as fabulous as their skinny counterparts.  I WANT this dress.

And finally, Katy Perry at the Grammys.  If I ignore the fact that she’s matched her hair to her dress, this is just a perfect look.  I’m a big fan of pale blue/green shades, and I think this is the best I’ve ever seen Katy look.  I want this dress, too.

Phew!  If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear whether you agree with my thoughts or not?

Frock It!

It seems a while since my last delve into celeb-land, so let’s have a little round-up of who’s been wearing what, shall we?

First up, Beyonce was out and about earlier this week looking really far better than it’s humanly reasonable to look only one month after giving birth …

… I can only assume that Ms Knowles has an army of staff on hand to help her look like this, and doesn’t even know the meaning of the expression ‘night feed’.  I remember a month after giving birth, thinking it was a result if I managed to make it out of my pyjamas before 4 pm!

The Duchess of Cambridge carried out her first solo Royal Engagement last night, attending an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

I thought she looked absolutely lovely in this coat dress – and as glowing as ever.

My favourite evening dress over the last couple of weeks has to be this one worn by Vanessa Hudgens at the premiere of her new movie, Journey 2.

I’m very fond of yellow and I thought this dress was lovely – apart from the really ugly flesh-coloured panel at the side …

WHY?  To me, it spoils the whole look of the dress.


Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud (who used to be a redhead – when did that change?), was pictured out and about wearing this rather nice cape …

I’m rather partial to capes, particularly in this horrible cold weather.  Note to self: dig out camel cape and wear it before winter is gone.

Moving on, it was nice to see a member of the ubiquitous cast of TOWIE wearing something vaguely tasteful for a change …

Well done, Sam Faiers – she’s even toned down the usual trowelled-on make-up!  Pictured on the red carpet at the National Television Awards.

Helen Mirren once again did the older woman proud in this gold ensemble at the Directors’ Guild Awards …

And talking of older women, Linda Gray who played Sue-Ellen in Dallas is certainly looking good for 71 years of age …

… although I do think a little shrug or bolero might have been a good addition, more flattering than the expanse of skin on a woman of a certain age, I feel.

Back to the National TV Awards again, and Hilary Devey of Dragon’s Den looked just like Morticia Addams in this frocky horror …

Surely, surely that hair must be a wig???!

Drew Barrymore attended the premier of new movie Big Miracle last week …

I usually quite like Drew’s dresses, but this dress was screaming ‘frumpy’ so loudly, I expected to see Sam Cam in it, to be honest.

Jade Jagger’s daughter Amba Jackson was pictured recently, apparently wearing a pair of too small Primark pyjamas …

Most odd.  Although as she’s only 16, perhaps she’s still learning.

And I’m afraid I haven’t got anything good to say about Louise Redknapp, either, in this Victoria Beckham design …

Horrid, horrid, horrid.

I’ve saved a good one for last, though, you’ll be pleased to hear, and it’s Tulisa …

It’s weird – a) because Tulisa has NEVER worn anything I’ve liked before, and b) because I feel as though I shouldn’t like it.  But I absolutely love this dress, and I secretly would quite like to wear it myself (yeah, I know, I’m 20 years too old!).

So,what did you make of this week’s bevy of beauties?  Do let me know.

Frock It!

Awards season is with us, and the stars have been out and about sporting some lovely (and not so lovely, of course) outfits.

I’m starting this week with a selection of red dresses, just for Glynis, who commented on the last Frock It post that she does like to see a red dress at this time of year.  I wholeheartedly agree, Glynis – nothing like it to brighten up this gloomy time of year.

One of my favourite red dresses was this one worn by Stacey Keibler (George Clooney’s latest squeeze) at the Golden Globes last week:

Apart from blending almost perfectly with the red carpet, this dress is pretty near perfect, I’d say.

Another red dress I liked was the one worn by Katherine Heigl at the premiere of her new movie, One For the Money.

I really like the shoulder detail on this one (and the sparkly shoes!).


Wasn’t so keen on this red number, though …

… as worn by Layla Flaherty of new TV show Desperate Scousewives (I’ve yet to experience this viewing extravaganza myself).  The dress itself is not so bad – and is even quite similar in style to a dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge recently, but what’s the story with the exposed bra?  Weird – and not in a good way.

Let’s move onto the Golden Globes – and the great and the good of the film world were out in force that evening.  I could go on and on, but in the interests of ever getting any dinner cooked this evening, will just show you my three favourites and my three least favourites:


Kate Beckinsale – this woman literally cannot put a fashion foot wrong as far as I’m concerned lately.  LOVE everything about this look.

I do find Angelina’s fashion choices a bit hit and miss, but she certainly pulled all the stops out with this dress – I can’t remember ever seeing her look so good.  If I’m being really picky, I’d say the pulled back hair is a little bit too severe – a few  curls escaping would have softened the look a bit.


My third (and somewhat surprising) favourite was Tilda Swinton.  I’m not keen on her androgynous make-up free look as a rule, but I thought this outfit was just gorgeous – love the colour, which really suits her, and the style.  Far and away the best outfit I’ve ever seen her in.

Now let’s move on to my least favourites:


Erin Wasson (a model, apparently).  What.  Were.  You.  Thinking.  Just revolting.  I wouldn’t have let her in.

And Wendi McLendon-Covey (Bridesmaids actress), who obviously thought the idea was that everybody looked at HER globes rather than the ones being awarded.  Goodness only knows how that dress is staying up.

Now let’s have a look at Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud, whose personal life is making the papers far more than her pop career these days.


I noticed this picture of her out and about in London recently, and thought how smart she was looking.

Not so much the very next day, however, when she was pictured in the paper like this:

How rough does she look?  And did she forget to brush her hair for about the last week?  Yuck.

Another horrible dress was this one sported by Christina Aguilera at a recent NBC party – she’d do herself a massive favour by losing that horrible brassy blonde hair now – she looks very muttony with it, in my opinion.

And I’ve saved a lovely one for last …

Vanessa Hudgens at the People’s Choice Awards.  Unusual, not too blingy, and very glam – loved it.

And finally, just before I go, I thought I’d share with you what we can all expect the men in our lives to be wearing next Autumn/Winter, with this splendid outfit shown on the catwalk at the Thom Brown menswear A/W 2012 show.

I’m off to order one for Ashley right now!



Frock It!

It’s time for the first edition of Frock It for 2012, and it’s (almost) all about what the stars have been wearing to film premieres of late.

Last week saw the first screenings of The Iron Lady, the Margaret Thatcher biopic.  As an aside, I went to see it on Friday, and was hugely impressed by Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent, and really quite disappointed in the film itself.  Anyway, enough of that, let’s have a look at who wore what.

Harry Potter actress, Fiona Shaw, looked like a car crash, quite honestly.  What WAS she thinking with those tights?

Emilia Fox wore this sort of 80s inspired dress, and although I don’t like shiny fabric as a rule, I thought she pulled this off rather well, and it was nice to see somebody wearing a dress suitable for the time of year.

Unlike Alexandra Roach, who plays the teenage Margaret Thatcher in the film …

I like the colour and the print, and if you ignore the strange gathering detail at the front that makes her look pregnant, it’s quite a pretty summer dress.  But it doesn’t say ‘film premiere’ and it doesn’t say ‘January’, either, as far as I’m concerned.

In fact all the young actresses were outdone, in my opinion, by the star herself, who looked radiant in this ensemble …



Loved this look.

Not so much a couple of nights later, however, when she attended the Paris premiere of The Iron Lady.

Call me cynical, but this looks as if she HAD to put on those boots because she’d forgotten the shoes she was PLANNING to wear with this outfit.   How can you get it so right and so wrong, all in one week?

The glamour stakes were saved at the Paris premiere, though, by the lovely Catherine Deneuve, who looked so effortlessly elegant and quintessentially French in this outfit …

I hope I look this good when I’m 68!

Moving on, the premiere of the much-talked-about Warhorse movie took place on Sunday night, attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I’m not a huge fan of Kate’s lace frock, but again it’s nice to see somebody covering up their arms in a nod to the fact it’s winter.  And I do love Kate’s smile …

One dress that really caught my eye at this event was Emma Freud’s sequinned shift …

Lots of sequins is a difficult look to wear well – and it reminds me of old, overweight, over-rich American cruise ship passengers at formal night cocktail parties back when I worked on the ships – but I LOVE this whole look.  Apart from the tiara – did she nick it out of her daughter’s dressing up box?

Finally this week, two ‘what were you thinking’ looks:

TV presenter Cat Deeley looking as if she’s borrowed her granny’s cardy to put on over her pretty frock because it’s a bit nippy!

And supermodel Heidi Klum wearing the silliest pair of flares I’ve ever seen.  Don’t trip over ’em, Heidi!


Frock It

Time for my last celebrity fashion round-up of 2011 – I have loved researching and writing these posts this year, and reading all your comments on them.

First up this week, Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a very odd dress, which actually makes her look a bit, well, deformed …

Really most odd, don’t you think?  Or is it just me?

The Duchess of Cornwall disappointed me with this outfit she chose for an evening out recently …

She’s worn some rather nice outfits this year, particularly to Prince William’s and Zara Phillips’ weddings, but I’m afraid this one didn’t float my boat.  Those puffball style skirts are really difficult to wear well, and I don’t think she’s pulling off the the metallic fabric very well, either.

I haven’t watched a single episode of X Factor this year,but I saw a picture of this dress that Kelly Rowland, one of the judges, wore a few weeks ago and thought it was lovely.

It would be a perfect dress for an evening on a summer holiday, I think.

Now, whilst I’m not a fan of satiny ‘nightdress’ fabric, I did think Jerry Hall looked stunning in this lilac dress with purple accessories …

Effortlessly stylish, as ever.

Don’t quite know what she’s doing with Pixie Geldof, but every time I see a picture of either her or her sister, Peaches, they always strike me as being a bit grubby and needing a good scrub.  Couldn’t tell you why.  I used to think the same about Amy Winehouse, too.  And don’t even get me started on their tattoos.  Eugh.

Moving on, I thought Leona Lewis had a bit of a ‘sack the stylist’ moment in this outfit:

A very strange combination of clothing items, which don’t really work very well together, IMHO.

Now, here’s a perfect example of a good dress gone bad ….

This is an actress, Olivia Grant, attending the British Film Awards, in what could have been a lovely dress.  Apart from the fact somebody has seen fit to put a layer of black net over the whole thing.  Why?  Another oddity.

My penultimate frock this week is an absolute horror, as worn by Lady Victoria Hervey (and I use the title ‘Lady’ very loosely), who is old enough and should be well educated enough to know better …

Put it away, love – nobody’s interested.

I shall leave you with a ‘who wore it best’, and it’s quite an interesting one.  The Duchess of Cambridge and Amy Childs (reality TV star) both wore this Zara dress within a week.

Much as I love  you, Kate, I’m afraid I’m liking Amy’s interpretation more …

Frock It will be back in 2012.