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Friday Shopping Spot

Woken up this morning feeling generally under the weather and with a rotten headache, so once I’ve finished this post, I’m going to do the hoovering, have a tidy round, and then curl up on the sofa, methinks.  William’s been struggling with a horrible cold all week, so perhaps I’ve got that coming – just in time for the weekend – lovely!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s some more of my recently shopping highlights:

First up, these fab winter boots I picked up for William in Asda this week for only £12.  He’s been mooching round in Crocs or school trainers since the summer (apart from his school shoes) so I thought it was about time I bought him something more suited to our current weather!  He even likes them – result!

I popped into Richley’s last week (not one of my usual shopping stops, but my car was parked right next door, as I was picking up my new bedroom lights from the shop next door, and as they had a huge sign proclaiming a big closing down sale, I just had to go and have a quick nosy.  Very worthwhile as it turned out, as I picked up two of these pretty summer dresses (Monsoon) and three of these Per Una skirts, all to sell on Ebay, for the absolute rock bottom price of £1 each!  Was jolly glad I went in after all!

And last but not least, but lovely new bedroom lights.  I am so pleased with my bedroom, just the finishing few touches to complete now, and it will be done.  Please excuse the appalling bottom photo, I wanted to show you how the bedside lights look on and off, but it hasn’t come out brilliantly.  They look much better in real life, I promise.