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Journal Jar Q97: Write About Something You’ve Done That You Never Thought You Could Do

I’ve been looking at this question for ages, putting off answering it because I wasn’t really sure what to write about.  So I’m now sitting in front of my keyboard, with a self-imposed time limit of 20 minutes, so I guess I’d better start answering!

The first thing that springs to mind that I’ve done recently that I probably wouldn’t have done if I’d thought about it for longer than a nanosecond, was saving a slow worm from the jaws of the cat.

As I parked my car in the drive on Monday afternoon, I saw Reg had caught a biggish slow worm, and that it was still alive.  I shooed Reg away, picked up the slow worm from the patio in my bare hand (if you knew how terrified I am of snakes, you’d realize how impressive this actually is), took it away and put it into a flower bed, where it dug itself under a bush into the soil.

Snorkeling is another thing I’ve done (twice.  Very briefly) which I never thought I could do.  I wrote about it in 2010 here.

And flying.  Eugh, I HATE flying.  Hate hate HATE it.  The slightest bit of turbulence has me gasping and shrieking to the extent that people around me edge nervously away.  Sometimes, if it’s really bad, it makes me cry.  But I don’t let the fear put me off, and I average about eight flights a year generally.  Last year, for the first time for ages, I actually flew on my own, so maybe I’m getting better at it.

I guess in its essence, this question is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, isn’t it?

And I have very, very early plans afoot to do just that, as I am vaguely – very vaguely at the moment – thinking about foregoing our annual two weeks of lying in the sunshine in five star luxury in Greece next year.  And going backpacking around SE Asia for a month. (I told some friends about this last Friday night, and they literally couldn’t stop laughing at me for about 10 minutes!).

I love the Far East, and would really like to show some of the sights to William while he still wants to travel with us, and see some new ones.  I’ve long had a hankering to visit Vietnam and Cambodia …  And one day, Ashley and I will be too old to even think about doing such a thing.

And if that’s not stepping out of my comfort zone, I don’t know what is.

Right, my 20 mins are up, so I’m going to scan this for spelling and press publish.  Would love to know what you do to step out of your comfort zone.